VDND Archives (5E Material)

General Backgrounds

A Goat
Apostle of the Fastoporno the Merciful Golden Sex Horse
Jason Statham


Carcosan Bone Man
Domovoi (Genasi rewrite)
Halfling Subraces 1
Halfling Subraces 2
Iagur (Parkour Cat)
Kerchak (Goliath rewrite)
Midnite Nomes (Svriberlfnerbip rewrite)
Tiefling Variants
Vespers (Birdperson rewrite)
The Word (Broadly usable subrace, Aasimar replacement) 


Unspeakable Background



Ashblood Sorcerers
Corruptor Rogues
Death Dealer Fighters
Killscreamer Bards
Moonrager Barbarians (I did not actually name this subclass)
Pursuer Rangers
Touch of the Ashen Eclipse Monks
Withcmaker General Wizard School

Class Stuff

Code of Honor Paladin Oath (Includes a Paladin Fighting Style, as well as general Honor rules and a Background)
Drunken Monks
Godblooded Sorcerers (Jack Kirby Divine Bloodline)
Green Knights (Swamp Thing Druids)
Killers (Straightforward Fighters)
Pollution Sorcerers
Spell-free Base Ranger Variant (American Rangers)
Wilder Wild Sorcerer Variant
Witch Traits (Use in place of cantrips and evocations and shit)