Dungeon Mix

This page contains links to most of my adventure/dungeonish articles. Here you will find three things: first, a series I called DUNGEON MIX which is basically a series of system neutral mini-campaigns in dire need of maps and stat blocks; second, some things that were prompted by community engagements like Secret Santicore or One-Page Dungeon Contest; third, a couple of  R&D articles that were sort of session artifacts or prep materials for old campaigns.

If you read all of these in one block it becomes obvious that I like building factories but forget the Oompa-Loompas. These scenarios are a little empty/hollow because a general encounter table is something that A) every DM has around and B) something that I think of as specific to a setting or system, where these are sort of just "vaguely D&D." If you intend on using these then keeping a convenient creature collection would be advisable.

The Many Necks of Vodemarche - Hammer/Amicus Funhouse

Septet Upon Contanimus Caldera - Apocalyptic Survival, Player/Hex Transformer

Doomsday Bride in Gargoyle City - City/War Escape

Rambling Collection of the Sky-Thieves - Strange Creature/Item AYCE Buffet

Glimpsed From Afar - Magic Traps and Mutations

Slaves of Meteor Fortress - Abolitionist Point-crawl

Sown - Ghost Story Exploration

The Face of Edsu Voi - Godly Hazard

Tower of the Fox - Mini-Game Funhouse

Warstone Gorgothra - One Page Epic Endgame Set Piece

Cannon Pits of the Bullet Dwarves - Poisonous Hex Hazard

The Og Dungeon - Caveman Time Bomb

The Chest Dungeon - Magic Trap Showcase