Adder Entertainment

Adder Entertainment was Donnybrook, GA's own RPG publisher whose rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and fall and maybe rise (?) paralleled the progression of their competitors, less famous companies like TSR, WOTC, White Wolf, and Palladium. Every RPG blogger worth their salt has wasted their time writing articles about the company's troubled history and reassessing its more infamous releases. A trend I was not immune from.

The Hate God by Festus Caber

Wish I Might by Nathan G. Hosea

Fireshade At Nekrozonopolis by Marian Autumn Hartley

Justice For The Blind Ghouls At Shaggermor by E. P. Ngyuen and IVANOV

Diadem Of The Sewer King by Eustace Thorndike

The Drugs In The Scarecrow by Festus Caber

Paradise Cleft by Noel Station


In Mansions For Flowers by Bloom Rose, Uriel Uter, Kimberley Keane-Felton, INRI, the Sorceress Sisters

My Judgment Day Clothes by Njemile St. Croix, Tiny Mitch, Bloom Rose

Sweat Of A Sun God by Bloom Rose and IVANOV

Lain To Rest At Last, At Last by Bloom Rose and Steve Olsen

They're Here Already II by Judas Babbage

Queenwood Gambol by Duggan Guapo

Your Dead by Calvin Turtle

Abandoned Abaddon Abandon by Illison Ozco and Monster

Bastards On Horseback by Dex Logun and Lady Croose

Optogram by Ramona Romano