Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fucking Pterodactyls - A B/X-ish Class

HD: d4
Save: as Dwarf
Attack: as Thief
Advance: as Cleric
Requirements: Dexterity 13
  • Fucking Pterodactyls may not use any weapon.
  • Fucking Pterodactyls may not wear any armor or use shields, but have a natural armor of 3 points better than base AC, including the Dexterity bonus for their class requirement.
  • Fucking Pterodactyls have the following movement modes:
    • Crawl (like across the ground and shit): 3'/1'.
    • Climb: 12'/4', test whether they can climb as a Thief/Specialist.
    • Fly: 120'/30'
    • Glide: 210'/70'
    • Every 4 levels they add 2' to their base Crawl, 4' to their base Climb, 10' to their base Fly, and 10' to their base Glide.
  • Fucking Pterodactyls can do 1d4+1 damage with their talons and 1d6+1 with their snapping jaws. In a given round they may either make two talon attacks or one bite attack.
  • Fucking Pterodactyls have infravision 200' and can see clearly at that distance.
  • Fucking Pterodactyls can Power Dive once a day. They do +1 damage per 10' they dive, but any target of a Power Dive gets a free attack against this Fucking Pterodactyl because they're locked into a trajectory.
  • At level 9, Fucking Pterodactyls fuck Fucking Pterodactyls and have Fucking Pterodactyl eggs. They establish a Roost high up somewhere and attract smaller Fucking Pterodactyls to gather around them for safety.
  • Fucking Pterodactyls can advance to Level 12.
  • Fucking Pterodactyls speak aaak! aaak! AAAK! AAAK! AAK! AAAAAKKKK!