Thursday, June 2, 2016

Moon Slave VDND World Tour - Touch of the Ashen Eclipse

When fighting your enemies you always...
  1. Laugh like a lunatic
  2. Flail and writhe, never staying still
  3. Maintain eye contact at all times with eyes shining like red-black opals
  4. Flare faint puffs of smoke from your nostrils
  6. Sing a disconcerting prayer chant about intestines
  7. Drool like a dog and foam at the mouth
  8. Speak in a language no one recognizes
  9. Okay it looks like you grew about 14 pounds of hair and it's trailing behind you like a tail
  10. Reek of burning death
  11. Turn your skin chalk white, a little lightning storm of bright blue veins braking up the perfect alabaster
  12. Go berserk at any mirror you can see until you can smash it 

Ceremony of Flesh Tea

At level 3 your unarmed strikes also do fire damage in addition to bludgeoning. This will also let you set flammable things aflame after holding them for one minute. The target also carries a noticeable mark of your touch for a day.

Dead Saint's Fingers

At level 6 your unarmed strikes also do necrotic damage in addition to bludgeoning and fire damage. This also lets you kill anything with less than 1 HP by touching it, like a normal silk worm or a flower. Just for giggles. The target also carries a noticeable mark of your touch until the next black moon.

Moon of the Harvest of Hearts

At level 11 you gain two of the following features:
  • Resistance to fire damage
  • Resistance to necrotic damage
  • As an Action you may cause a target who suffered fire or necrotic damage since your last Action to suffer an equal amount of damage of the same type. You can use this a number of times per day equal to your Strength bonus, minimum 1, and regain all uses after a long rest.
Targets of your attacks also carry a noticeable mark of your touch until you die.

Devil Breathing Way

At level 17 you can shift the life energy of Moon Slave coursing through you into an unfit vessel. As a bonus action you may end one of your resistances granted by Moon of the Harvest of Hearts. your next successful attack does an additional 25d4 damage of that damage type. Targets also bear a noticeable mark of your touch even upon their very corpse, beyond your death and their own, a mark visible by moonlight.