Monday, June 16, 2014

The Ape - A B/Xish Randomish Class


Went looking for that old Orangutan class and wouldn't you know it, MONSTROUS TELEVISION again! I made this place holder.
HD: as Dwarf
Save: as Fighter
Attack: as Fighter
Advance: as Thief
  • Apes can use any melee weapon but only do their Hit Die+1 in damage.
  • When fighting bare-handed, apes do 1d4+1 damage, and increase their movement rate by 20'. When using a 2-handed weapon, an Ape's movement is halved and they do only their Hit Die in damage.
  • Apes almost never roll to climb. When they do, consider them two levels (or 2 points if LOTFP) higher. Apes climb at full speed. Apes may leap their height in feet.
  • Apes may wear leather and chain armor and use shields.
 Roll three times at first level:

1-40: +1 to hit.
41-60: +1 to saves.
61-70: +1 to damage.
71-75: 1 pt AC bonus.
76-80: +1 attack each round.
81-83: +2 to attempt to grab or hold; +2 to damage to a grappled opponent.
84-85: +10' to base speed.
86-88: +1 to hit with thrown items, including You Know. +10' to maximum throw distance.
89-90: Can only be surprised on a 1.
91-92: Improve all wandering monster reactions by 1.
93-94: Gain surprise on a 1-3.
95: You may "hire retainers" who are level 1 Apes. These Apes do not roll on this table.
96: You know sign language.
97: You know the common human language, a little, a number of concepts or commands equal to twice your Intelligence.
98: You may use magical staffs, in addition to the magic weapons you can normally use (whatever a Dwarf can use).
99: You know how to do something complex, like ride a horse, use a crossbow, pass as an ugly child.
100: Roll twice (that is, twice in addition to your other two rolls.

Apes may advance to level 8.