Monday, March 9, 2015

Moon Slave VDND World Tour- Devilish Feats of Metal

I don't-quite-hate feats but I like that the 5e feat list is spare, since I think outside of the most basic feats any feats you do allow in your game should flow from setting info. And now your setting has Moon Slave in it. Good for you.

These may not be balanced but then the thing to do for people worried about feat balance is to not use them.

These feats have an additional requirement of yelling "MOON SLAVE" as metal as possible whenever you would gain their benefit.

Requires Charisma 12+

Your enemies fear you, fear even striking you. By anointing yourself in your own blood, you gain a +2 bonus to AC.If you take slashing or piercing damage during combat and do not have this bonus active, you make take an action to smear your blood all over yourself in order to gain this bonus. Additionally, anointing yourself in the blood of a creature you have personally killed increases this bonus by +1, and the blood of a humanoid you have killed increases this bonus by +2. These bonuses stack up to a +10 total bonus to AC. However, being water soluble, any contact with rain, streams, urine, acid, slime, Holy Water, or the blood of a creature you haven't killed - really any liquid enough to wash off or mar this red masque - will remove this effect entirely. Snow is an interesting middle case: exposure during active snowfall reduces this bonus by 1 point each round.

Requires Wisdom 12+

Choose a cantrip you know which requires a save. Targets of ONLY THIS cantrip have disadvantage.
If you do not have any cantrips, choose a cantrip which requires a save from any Class. You may choose the ability score this cantrips keys off of, and targets of ONLY THIS cantrip take a penalty to save equal to your Constitution modifier.
Additionally, you may cast spells and rituals without material components.

Scorched For Glory
Requires Constitution 12+

Whenever you would take fire damage, you invoke your own sacrifice in Moon Slave's name. Gain Temporary Hit Points equal to that fire damage and advantage on your next attack. Your Temporary Hit Points vanish after your next successful hit, and you have advantage on your next save against fire damage.

Requires Dexterity 12+

You have advantage on Perception checks made while you sleep, and gain Surprise on anyone they attack from a sleeping position. You must sleep at least 2 hrs to gain this benefit.
Additionally, you only need to sleep 4 hrs a day.