Sunday, March 22, 2015

Moon Slave VDND World Tour - Stranger Rangers

First of all, a Fighting Style that people like Rangers, Fighters, and Paladins can exploit


When not wearing Medium or Heavy Armor, your base speed increases by 10' per round.

If you want to be a Fighter who's styled after a samurai or Robin Hood, or a Paladin who skews a little more Captain America, this'd be a good trait to have. It also nicely complements the direction I went for the Moon Rangers: Pursuers.

There's an aspect of Moon Slave as a horror movie villain that I haven't worked in as hard in previous entries but alluded to in a lot of talking about Moon Slave, and that's the idea behind this form of Ranger. I always liked the ranger-as-tracker-first, and even the Hunter archetype doesn't do this enough for me. That combined with the inescapable, inevitable quality of the Terminator, or the stillness-and-fearsome followed by tremendous bursts of speed and FUCK THERE HE IS of Jason Voorhees (particularly the Freddy vs Jason Jason which was the apex of that approach). Not so much the baddest motherfucker who RSVP'd to the war. The Relentless Warrior. The battle is over, but not for fuckin' HIM it isn't. That's quite the spirit of a god who shot a bunch of monsters into a thousand ladies on the chance that he could come back as one of those kids and kill more motherfuckers.


Beginning at 3rd level, you do not have to make a Survival check in order to trace a certain target or read tracks if the beings you're tracking have been here in the last 24 hrs, without regard to normally mitigating environmental conditions. Additionally, you have Advantage on checks made to smell blood anywhere, and to distinguish different types of blood and blood from different targets by smell or taste. If you are traveling with companions, they set their overland speed using your base movement.


At 7th level, you may expend a spell slot to add 15' to your base speed per level of spell slot (15' for 1st level spell, 60' for a 4th level spell, etc) for a duration of Concentration up to 5 minutes. You also don't have to make a Survival check in order to trace a certain target and read tracks if the beings you're tracing have been here within a week.


At 11th level, you may cast Hold Person, as a 2nd level spell, as an action. This action does not use spell slots but you may not use it if you have expended all your spell slots for the day. You can also sense how recently a target within 60' has been injured.


At 15th level, you know the direction and approximate distance to any specific being you are aware of (this is, which you have met, or chased, or injured, or have been shown or made aware of magically). You can also sense when any creature within 90' of you is near death (that is, their HP is less than the maximum value of your weapon's damage die).