Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Lawman, Bold Iron-Nerved Keepers of Peace in XXR's Strange DNDable West

  • Strength 9 and Wisdom 9 are required to be a Lawman.
  • Lawmen use 1d8 for their hit die. At first level, they roll 1d8 twice and take the larger number for their starting HP.
  • Their Defensive Number is 18.
  • They may use any Normal weapon (d8).
  • They may also use pistols and shotguns.
  • Lawmen may Protect a number of times each day equal to their Hit Dice+1 (For example, 2/day at level 1). Lawmen choose to Protect during the enemy’s initiative. During a round wherein a Lawman protects, they may reduce their Defensive Number by any amount (including Dexterity and conditional bonuses) to confer that bonus to a target. This has the effect of either shielding an ally or target (making them harder to hit) or drawing their fire (since the attacker may target the exposed Lawman instead). They gain a bonus to hit and to damage during their next initiative equal to the Defensive bonus they gambled. In those instances where enemies have back to back initiative, a Lawman may Protect both rounds (should they have Protect uses remaining). The attack bonuses they gain from Protecting stack on their next initiative.
  • Lawmen may spend a point of Luck in order to regain 10 Hit Points, up to their maximum HP. They may spend any amount of Luck this way at once.
  • Lawmen may use their Strength score to determine their Helper details rather than Charisma.
  • At level 4, a Lawman may forgo a save to allow an ally who fails a save a second save.
  • At level 7, on a round after a Lawman has Protected, they may attack twice.
  • At level 9, a Lawman may become a Judge, capable of making summary rulings on any case or issue, and to swear warrants and set rewards. They also gain the ability to Turn Undead.
  • At level 10, they may roll twice when making attacks after Protecting.
  • Lawmen may advance to level 12.
Features Level XP HP
Protector 1 0 1d8 (roll twice, take the higher number)+1+Constitution bonus

2 2000 +1d8+Constitution bonus

3 4000 +1d8+Constitution bonus
Savior 4 8000 +1d8+Constitution bonus

5 16000 +1d8+Constitution bonus

6 32000 +1d8+Constitution bonus
Punisher 7 64000 +1d8+Constitution bonus

8 120000 +1d8+Constitution bonus
Turn Undead
9 240000 +1d8+Constitution bonus
Avenger 10 360000 +2+Constitution bonus

11 480000 +4

12 600000 +4