Saturday, January 10, 2015

Moon Slave VDND World Tour- Barbarian Path

Exhorted in the name of Moon Slave to ruin. King of smoke and witches. Starlight blacksmith. You are the sword which is broken against the bone. You are the god smasher and the drunken night fire.

Blood For Blood

Beginning at 3rd level, when you Rage you take on the armor of no fuck YOU. Roll 1d12. Lose that many Hit Points and add half the bonus (rounded down) to AC and the rest to your Damage. When your Rage ends you lose both these bonuses. Bow your head beneath your weapon and anoint yourself in its blood. Roll your weapon's damage die. Gain that value (plus any applicable remaining damage bonuses, such as from Strength) in Hit Points as a bonus action. Neither of these effects count towards conventional healing.

Blade to Blade

Beginning at 3rd level, your weapon is soaked in your own blood and the blood of your enemies, and you are attuned to its scent like a bloodhound, like a shark. You can always find your weapon if you are separated, so long as you are within your Constitution x20 yards of it.

Eye to Eye

Beginning at 6th level, you see Moon Slave in those around you. He whispers their glories. Regarding any intelligent or animal creature reveals to you the last thing they killed: its identity, its nature, and the method used to dispatch it. You do not learn WHY. Why is always Moon Slave anyway. Intelligent creatures can save against this effect if they are aware of you observing them, but they have Disadvantage. When you are Raging they may not save.

Steel to Steel

Beginning at 10th level, while you Rage you can destroy objects and sunder weapons more easily. When consulting the material strength chart the DM should consider any matter targeted by you to be 1+ Constitution modifier categories weaker, so that a Barbarian with a 17 Constitution would treat material as 4 categories weaker. You also do not suffer any penalties tohit for calling your shot against a nonmagical weapon.

Ashes to Ashes

Beginning at 14th level, while you Rage your skin and weapon are considered On Fire for incendiary purposes, and anything you hit must save or take fire damage equal to the number of times you have hit while Raging. This effect DOES extend to any mundane equipment you are carrying but not to any magical items you carry or wear.