Saturday, January 10, 2015

Holy Man- Shotgun Preachers and Servants of Monsters for Cowboy DND

Sidney Poitier
  • Holy Men use 1d6 for their Hit Die.
  • Their Defensive Number is 17.
  • They may use any Normal weapon (d8).
  • They may also use shotguns.
  • They speak Lawful, the maddening tongues to their god, and a language of their choice.
  • If they have Wisdom 16 they level using the XP requirements for Professionals instead.
  • At level 1 a Holy Man gains a gift of prophecy which grants them the answer to questions from their god. A caveat here: most gods aren’t omniscient, and may change the subject, but all information they impart for the purpose of THIS feature will be valuable. A Holy Man can beseech their god for this kind of guidance a number of times per day equal to 1/4 their Wisdom score, rounded down. Holy Men with Wisdom 18 can beseech an additional time, for a total of 5 in any 24 hour period. When they seek answers while awake they may only be rewarded with YES or NO answers, or NO ANSWER. In their dreams, however, the questions they pose are answered in the form of cryptically detailed visions which may impart additional information or context.
  • Holy Men get spells beginning Level 2. These are mysteries revealed to them by their gods, mighty boons they can pray for. Their power grows as they level and their relationship with their god becomes closer, their understanding deeper. They may find holy spells in sacred scriptures. Learning a found spell takes an hour per level of the spell. Otherwise these blessings are revealed gradually, and any spell the Holy Man knows may be prayed for and may be granted by the Holy Man’s god/gods. Whenever they become capable of casting a new Tier of spell, they learn 1 spell and a number of spells equal to their Wisdom bonus. Like other magic-using classes, the Holy Man’s spells are rolled randomly, with one exception: they may always choose to learn Turn Undead instead of any other First Tier spell.
  • At level 2, a Holy Man has a 27% chance that their First Tier prayer will be answered. When their understanding deepens, their faith in old ways strengthens; when a Holy Man becomes capable of casting Second Tier spells, they have a 27% chance of casting Second Tier spells and a 39% chance of casting First Tier spells. Each time the Holy Man is granted a new Tier of spells, their chance of their prayer being answered by their god for the previous Tiers improve by 12%. Failing to cast a spell means your god has not answered your prayer. You will not be able to request that blessing again until you perform a service for your god, which they will specify at some point, often immediately.
  • At level 5 a weapon or item or possession of the Holy Man takes on a divine blessing simply from association with the Holy Man and comes to signify them specifically. This object, usually a mundane weapon, takes on a magical property and can affect creatures accordingly. Additionally if you have not learned the spell Turn Undead already the item in question becomes vested in its power.
  • At level 9 a Holy Man may elect to raise a Mission. Performing a favor for their god/gods bestows you fortune and lets you build it for half cost. A Mission attracts other Holy Men, Soldiers, and Folk. These are true believers and will fight for you and your cause til death.
  • Holy Men may advance to Level 16.
Features Level XP HP
Prophet 1 0 1d6+1+Constitution bonus
Spells 2 1650 +1d6+Constitution bonus

3 3300 +1d6+Constitution bonus

4 6600 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Holy Weapon 5 13200 +1d6+Constitution bonus

6 26400 +1d6+Constitution bonus

7 52800 +1d6+Constitution bonus

8 105600 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Mission 9 211200 +1d6+Constitution bonus

10 323000 +2

11 435000 +2

12 547000 +2

13 659000 +2

14 771000 +2

15 883000 +2

16 995000 +2