Saturday, January 10, 2015

Career Tables for Doublecrossroads and the Fantastic Never-Was-West

Pearl Hart
Anyone who wishes can choose a Career at character creation or choose, during a campaign, to decide to fill in their character's back story with some possibly useful experience. Careers come with certain social standing depending on what they are so like a ditch-digger would get on better interacting with other ditch-diggers. However, the big things Careers grant are A) an explanation of what it is you do all week when you're not being awesome and therefore B) how you earn your bread. It also C) gives you some visual signifiers that you can use imaginatively to form some advantage and D) some kind of bonus.

Basically think of anything listed here as either a new LOTFP style Skill that you start with a 2/d6 in (or add the appropriate 1 point bonus point to a real Skill if one is listed) or a conditional bonus to your Saves.

You can choose which table you qualify for that you want to roll on but all Careers are assigned RANDOMLY.

It's there, like a lot of things in my character generation checklist, to be used or not, and ignored at your leisure once chosen.

Any character may roll 1-10 Day Job +1 roll bonus Trappings

1. Legal assistant Confusion Spectacles

2. Student Ignorance Saves Ink stains

3. Apprentice Roll again; lore of same Satchel, notebook

4. Waiter Mixology Small coins, leftovers

5. Farmhand Spook animals Scars, callouses

6. Homebody spouse Lying Crude disguise

7. Stablehand Ride Reek of manure

8. Messenger Endurance Saves Sturdy boots

9. Prostitute Seduction Perfume, well-groomed

10. Shepherd Calm animal Crook and wineskin
Any character with Intellect 9
may roll on this table
Day Job +1 roll bonus Trappings

1. Teacher Esoterica Chalk, parchment, quill

2. Clergy Faith Collar, chaste clothes, holy writ

3. Accountant Appraising Abacus

4. Nurse First Aid Gloves, bloody rags

5. Cook Herbology Apron

6. Mercenary Search Battle scars, tattoos

7. Cartographer Know Direction Parchment, quill

8. Blacksmith Repair Burns, leather apron, soot

9. Hustler Bluff Cards

10. Deputy lesser Intimidation Star
Any Folk may roll on this table, or any character with Constitution 9 Day Job +1 roll bonus Trappings

1. Tailor Disguise Chalk, tape, nice outfit

2. Butcher Anatomy Blood everywhere, apron

3. Baker Smell and Taste Flour, rolling pin

4. Candlestick maker Arson Singed cuffs, wax spots

5. Tanner Animal Identification Furs and leathers

6. General store Diplomacy Sharp haircut

7. Cobbler Running Amazing shoes

8. Telegraph Languages Small notebook

9. Carpenter Architecture Hammer, level

10.Engineer Tinker Oil stains, metal filings
Mountain Men, Agarthaurum, and characters with
Wisdom 9 may roll on this table
Day Job +1 roll bonus Trappings

1. Fisherman Swimming Flies, line

2. Animal trainer Extra trick for beast Helpers Treats, flags

3. Trapper Find Trap Small pelts

4. Furrier Appraise Creature Fur

5. Prospector Tunnel Navigation Dust, mud, whiskey

6. Guide Wilderness Walking stick

7. Woodcutter Force Door Hatchet

8. Explorer Climb Sextant, backpack

9. Bounty hunter Interrogate Handbills, license

10. Distiller Identify Liquid Flask(s)
Any character with Charisma 9 may roll on this table Day Job +1 roll bonus Trappings

1. Snake oil salesman Persuasion Extravagant costume

2. Coachman Drive Whip

3. Musician Distract Instrument, fakebook

4. Dancer Tumble Exciting underwear

5. Gambler Detect Lies Cards, dice

6. Gravedigger Shock Checks Shovel

7. Bartender Listening Suspenders, towel, apron

8. Executioner Examine Corpse None outside of duties

9. Undertaker Soothe/Comfort Top hat, tails

10. Engraver Identify Corrosive Electric tinny smell