Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cannibal Cowboys- A Doublecrossroads Class (BX/LOTFP/SBVD compatible-ish)

de Goya, Saturn Devouring his Son (with the nice backside)

  • Cannibals roll 1d6 for their Hit Die.
  • Their Defensive Number is 14.
  • They can use any Normal weapon.
  • They may use a pistol but never get a bonus from aiming.
  • They speak Lawful.
  • A Cannibal begins play with a Shock equal to their Wisdom score but do not suffer the usual effects of this.
  • Cannibals may gain a bonus from Dining on human flesh a number of times a day equal to their HD. The flesh must come from a different subject each time. When they Dine roll 1d6: they gain that much HP until they land a hit on another target, and gain +1 to hit and saves. These bonuses stack up to their total number of HD (e.g. a level 4 Cannibal can have +4d6 bonus HP and +4 to hit/saves) but all of them vanish as soon as the Cannibal lands their next hit. It’s a rabid frenzy thing.
  • Cannibals add their level to damage rolls. They do not double this damage bonus from a critical hit.
  • At level 4, the bonuses to hit and saves a Cannibal receives increase to +2 if its subject is still alive and kicking while they Dine.
  • At level 6 a Cannibal may score a critical hit on a 19-20.
  • At level 9 a Cannibal becomes a Demon. Their Defensive Number becomes 17 and they may use Major weapons. Roll for a spell as from a scroll: they can cast that once per day. Roll for a mutation: they gain that. They suffer 1 point of Shock and its associated effects, and will never default to an NPC from Shock.
  • At level 10 a Cannibal may sacrifice any number of languages which they know in order to improve their crit range by 1. They are rudderless, of animal intelligence, and only know their base urges and instincts.
  • Cannibals may advance to level 10.

Level XP HP
1 1500 1d6+1+Constitution bonus

2 3000 +1d6+Constitution bonus

3 6000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Vicious 4 12000 +1d6+Constitution bonus

5 24000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Lethal 6 48000 +1d6+Constitution bonus

7 96000 +1d6+Constitution bonus

8 192000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Demonic 9 384000 +2
Mindless 10 768000 +2