Friday, June 5, 2015

Moon Slave VDND World Tour- Trophies and Fetishes and Offerings to Moon Slave

This is a Trinkets table constructed for those who follow Moon Slave

Roll d100.

  1. Tongue of the last of its kind
  2. Hilt used to kill someone
  3. A jar of witchflesh, in sardine oil
  4. Bone jewelry
  5. A shrunken and gnarled mummified hand
  6. A pouch of lye
  7. A dream journal that fills a new page every morning, but with someone else's dreams
  8. Virgin blood
  9. Slut blood
  10. A fistful of broomstraw
  11. An egg from the heart of a human man
  12. The eyes of a ghoul, which transfix the vision
  13. A bottle of air from a kingdom which burned
  14. A folio of certificates claiming to be souls
  15. Tongs
  16. A glass shard which only reflects scorpions scorpions scorpions
  17. A scorpion
  18. The heart of a noble deer
  19. A mask made from dog flesh
  20. The heart of a human man filled with sleeping bees
  21. A tablet that produces thick purple smoke in water
  22. An oil which burns with contact with air, in a wineskin
  23. A piece of Moon Slave's grave marker
  24. The crown of a forgotten nation
  25. A contract for murder, blank
  26. A sack of rotting meat
  27. An old man's skeleton, complete
  28. A flag, half-burned
  29. A mud-matted wig
  30. A pair of iron dentures
  31. A vial of frogs' wings
  32. 50 coins weight of nightshade berries
  33. Black sand
  34. Ashes from a burned priest
  35. Red candle of witchmass
  36. A hammer washed in fear sweat
  37. A torn painting
  38. A dead plague rat
  39. A shroud from a corpse you didn't kill
  40. The genitals of a corpse you did kill, packed in salt
  41. Wicks made from king tallow and shrew tails
  42. A mysterious green liquid in a vial
  43. A foul smelling purple semisolid in a jar
  44. A glow-in-the-dark white powder in a tube
  45. A deep, hypnotically deep red ichor, in a wineskin.
  46. Mead full of screams
  47. Gelatin made from war horses
  48. Bellows
  49. Matches
  50. Hair from the oldest person to have died in your home town
  51. Stone crocodile tears from a basilisk
  52. Ground up witch hunter bones
  53. A collection of witchfinder pins
  54. A noose which broke, praise Moon Slave
  55. A perfect leaf, slowly yellowing at the edge
  56. A headdress adorned with rib bones
  57. Greaves of coffinwood
  58. A broom, but a mundane one
  59. A catskin
  60. A big fuckoff carved ivory Gandalf pipe
  61. An elk carcass swole with maggots
  62. The finger of a friend
  63. The spine of an adversary
  64. The face of a lover
  65. A comfy pillow
  66. A torch made from a stake
  67. The only innocent sparrow
  68. A rain talisman
  69. A chalk which catches ghost, allegedly
  70. A fertility symbol
  71. An ENORMOUS fertility symbol
  72. Their own casket
  73. A small box filled with pried off fingernails
  74. Twelve pillbugs who never open maybe they are something else maybe i bet
  75. Bloodsaturated sugar
  76. An ancient surrender, never recognized
  77. Your old teeth, from before you became
  78. The only song metal enough for Moon Slave, never played, requiring never invented instruments, written by His child who couldn't speak
  79. An extra shadow, in the shape of Moon Slave, which you carry in your pack and can attach/detach at will.
  80. A memory of your last or perhaps only happiness, made physical in the form of a wooden cat monster figurine.
  81. Scary makeup
  82. Long smoking firelighters you can stick in your hair or beard
  83. Gloves made from a calf's stomach
  84. Hit list
  85. A book of spells, all of which are simply gibberish
  86. A potion which will only be potent for 1 hour, that has 100 more days to mature. Its effects are unprecedented.
  87. An eagle's egg filled with mucousy spiders.
  88. A new language
  89. A drawing of Moon Slave stained with its creator's tears
  90. The First Book of Moon Slave
  91. The Second Book of Moon Slave
  92. The Third Book of Moon Slave
  93. The Fourth Book of Moon Slave
  94. The Fifth Book of Moon Slave
  95. The Sixth Book of Moon Slave
  96. The Lost Book of Moon Slave
  97. The Forgotten Verses of Moon Slave
  98. The Last Book of Moon Slave
  99. The First Revelation of Moon Slave
  100. A soul on a chain, always screaming, only you can hear it