Monday, June 29, 2015

Professionals- The Specialists and Guildsmen of the Various Arts in my BX/LOTFP Western, XXR

  • Professionals roll 1d6 for their Hit Die.
  • Their Defensive Number is 15.
  • They may use any Normal weapon (d8).
  • They may use pistols.
  • Professionals speak their own brand of jargon and slang specific to their profession, plus Lawful, a language of their choice, and any languages granted by their Intellect bonus.
  • If you have Dexterity 16+ you are +1 to hit.
  • Professionals receive 4 points to use to advance the Skills all characters have access to. They receive 2 points each time they level up. They also uniquely possess the ability to invest points in Sneak Attack, multiplying damage on a successful hit. They may invest any of these points in their Career benefits.
  • Professionals do not roll their Luck at 1st level like other characters. They receive Luck 6.
  • At level 3 they gain a new skill: Read Magic, as the spell, which works on a 1 on 1d6. It may be improved like other skills.
  • At level 8 they gain a number of Mastery Points equal to their Intellect. These points never refresh or increase. If an ally fails a Skill roll in which the Professional has invested Skill Points, the Professional can add her instruction to the ally. This cannot make the ally’s Skill value exceed that of the Professional. This ability may only be triggered by a failed roll, but the points, once spent, become a permanent addition to the ally’s Skill.
  • At level 9 a Professional may establish a Secret Society and attract 2d8 skilled individuals whose abilities compliment the Professional’s own. They attract an additional 1d3 per level. These are not Helpers.
  • At Level 13 everyone knows your name (or whatever name you want them to know). You have all the benefits and troubles that westwide notoriety brings with it. You may establish a Union, allying yourself with agencies both public and secret, extending your reach considerably.
  • Professionals may advance to Level 16.
Features Level XP HP
4 Skill points 1 0 1d6+1+Constitution bonus
2 Skill points 2 1500 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Read Magic
2 Skill points
3 3000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
2 Skill points 4 6000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
2 Skill points 5 12000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
2 Skill points 6 24000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
2 Skill points 7 48000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
2 Skill points
8 96000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
2 Skill points
9 192000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
2 Skill points 10 288000 +1
2 Skill points 11 384000 +1
2 Skill points 12 480000 +1
2 Skill points
13 576000 +1
2 Skill points 14 672000 +1
2 Skill points 15 768000 +1
2 Skill points 16 8640000 +1