Friday, February 20, 2015

Moon Slave VDND World Tour- Blood of Moon Slave Sorcerous Origin

Your innate magic comes from having Moon Slave or one of his murderangels in your family's bloodline. Moon Slave had many children, but you must be some distant relation, else you'd be an obvious horror. Your aspect is sly but no less unnerving. You get a lot of triple-takes. People show you crosses a lot. You feign impressed. You are a Sleepwalker. You are an Ashblood. Your rampage is mystical avalanche. You have an awesome fucking creepy dude laugh as a free action. Download one on your phone and keep it handy at the table.


At 1st level, you have advantage on saving throws vs fire and have resistance against fire damage. If you already have these features, you instead gain the create bonfire cantrip.

Living Nightmare

You gain minor illusion, or another cantrip if you already have this. At 1st level, you may use minor illusion on your turn as a bonus action to speak, shroud yourself in 'smoke', or make yourself appear more fearsome. Dramatic lighting, mood music, etc.


At 6th level, you may expend 1 spell point in order to cast sleep.


At 14th level, you can expend 2 Sorcery Points to cast an additional spell on your turn.


Beginning at 18th level, when you sleep, your Dreamself walks in your shoes. Your Dreamself behaves as you did at 6th level (since you’re only sleeping ⅓ of the time) and has the complement of spells, sorcery options, and other features which you did at 6th level. Your true self sleeps while your Dreamself walks waking. This happens whenever you begin a long rest. At the end of that long rest, your Dreamself begins its own long rest, and you recover any features which require a long rest. In this way you trudge on forever, truly restless. If your Dreamself is ever killed you may never sleep unaided by magic, need twice as long to recover as from a long rest, and must deal with the effects of fatigue. These effects are permanent until you construct a new Dreamself.