Monday, May 11, 2015

Moon Slave VDND World Tour- Witchmaker General

Your skin is a Fireball. Your blood is a demon. Your nails are screaming cats. Yours is made to sow magic and chaos in this world, and to empower others to do the same. Power can be addicting, and if there's anybody who knows about addiction it's Moon Slave. You have the making of a horrible sorcerer and lifeline to the magic that burns the world, a towering mage whose shadow touches everything that can be compromised. You will get there. We'll start with the army. We'll start with evolution.

Witchmaker's Counsel

Beginning at 2nd level, the time it takes to copy a spell FROM your spellbook is halved if you are there, and you can teach a spell you have memorized to anyone without expending it; that is, they can copy from you, not your spellbook.

Witchmaker's Touch

At 2nd level, you can invest your power or knowledge in others. You may touch a willing living creature or inanimate object and invest them with some of your spellcasting ability. You lose a Spell Slot of any level, which is now invested in a target you have touched.

If an object is invested, you choose a spell you have memorized. Any being wielding that object may now cast that spell once, casting it at the level of the Spell Slot you sacrificed.

If a living creature is invested, they have access to the Slot itself. They may use that Slot to cast a spell they know, or to cast a spell which you have memorized, at the level of the Slot which you invested.

You also gain proficiency with Leather Armor, Shields, and all Simple weapons.

Empowered Reclamation

At 6th level, when you use your Arcane Recovery feature, you may recover Spell Slots whose total levels add up to your wizard level. That is to say, as a 6th level wizard, that you may reclaim up to two 3rd level Spell Slots or some other combination which adds up to 6. Other restrictions on Arcane Recovery still apply.

Body of Knowledge

At 10th level, you may use your action to touch any target, living, inanimate, friend, enemy, and set a Trigger. These are usually "if/then" statements and are attached to a spell you have memorized. IF these conditions are met, THEN the spell you designated is cast at the lowest level it may be cast, spending a Spell Slot. If you have no Spell Slots left then the Trigger is broken and there is no effect. All Triggers are broken when you take a long rest. Triggers may not be applied to cantrips. You may have as many Triggers active as your Intelligence Modifier.


At level 16, choose one:
  • You may have as many Triggers active at any time as your Intelligence Score.
  • You become proficient in Medium Armor and Military Weapons and Shields. You also gain the 2nd level benefits of another Arcane Tradition.
  • When you would use your Arcane Recovery feature, you instead recover all Spell Slots you invested using your Witchmaker's Touch feature.