Friday, May 29, 2015

MONSTER TRUCK- A LOTFPish BXish old school class I am writing DRUNK

HD: d10
Saves: as Fighter
Attacks: as Fighter
Advances: as Dwarf
Requirements: Constitution 11 and Charisma 11
  • MONSTER TRUCKS may wear no armor and wield no weapons. Their default AC is 2/19 and their default unarmed damage is d4.
  • MONSTER TRUCKS have a speed of 160/40.
  • MONSTER TRUCKS have a 30' leap.
  • Every morning a MONSTER TRUCK gets a tune-up. During this tune-up it is customized. It may have a number of customizations equal to its level. You may select from the Customization Codex, selecting a customization whose entry number is equal to or less than  the level of the MONSTER TRUCK. Alternately, for every customization you forgo, you may increase the MONSTER TRUCK'S unarmed damage by +1.
  • MONSTER TRUCKS may advance to level 9.

Each customization may be taken once per tune-up.

  1.  You may pin a target of a successful attack, and may sustain this grab effect in future rounds.
  2. Any target your are on top of or are pinning takes additional damage equal to the amount of time you have been on them, e.g. 1 damage the first round after pinning, 2 damage the second round after pinning, etc.
  3. Once per level per day doors can fuck off.
  4. Add 10' to all modes of speed
  5. A fully customized MONSTER TRUCK always does maximum die damage on a successful hit.
  6. Your unarmed attack increases to d6.
  7. You gain a spin attack, usable 1/day per 3 levels, which attacks all creatures within 40' of you, and allows you to roll twice for each attack roll.
  8. You gain an extra attack in a round where you move your full speed first.
  9. You gain a fly speed equal to half your land speed.