Saturday, May 30, 2015

Second Book of Moon Slave

  1. There were many men before the first man
  2. he burned and destroyed, shining down on lakes full of monsters
  3. and there were others there with him, brothers and fathers and other mothers and motherfuckers and sinners and destructors
  4. Smoke shit all over the sun
  5. The sun burned all the dirt and turned it into old bones
  6. The grass was swords and the swamps were death, black and bottomless, tooth home, beast hearts
  7. In the days of the first man was the first wind
  8. This wind was fire. This wind was earth. A wind of pain swept all softness and weakness in life and polished it into smooth, thin, glass edge kill-kill
  9. These were the first men and from them came the first man
  10. There was the mother of the first man and we sing of her and call her goddess-fucker, great she hate, Mother-before-First, Creatrix, The explosion
  11. Nothing else but all life, the sanctified skeleton of this ancient almost ape
  12. Call her Meatgiver Killextra
  13. Of her sons, ten, and the living envied the dead, five stone babies at the beginning of the world
  14. Second came the great man of beasts, and third the great man of ale,
  15. next the seeker and seer, lastly and youngest to stone brothers the son who was Prima Female, the first girl in a time of Only Sons
  16. A time of only sun, in the shadow of the reflection, the reflection of the shadow, Gurin-Within-Unus-Muun-Maxes, the world and that which reflected the world
  17. But the First was
  18. The first was the strangler and made flesh in Prima Female and MEatgiver Killextra and made soft stone of beasts, ale, seer, and was the first mother, Motherfucker X, and was names Mother.
  19. And on the goddess before the god he made flesh and she the first and second lifemaker, and he the first Mother
  20. Thence Last Became First And Best
  21. There were many men, and many sons, and many homes, and many marks, and many tracks, and within this there was First Mother and his sons
  22. Consecrated to shadow-of-shadow, mirror-of-mirror
  23. sword sword sword sword sword
  24. Rising and destroying
  25. On fire and so very very on fire
  26. Muun infants set foot in the baked world and burned her forever
  27. First came Moon Father who would have the first Moonchild
  28. The first Moonchild died in one hundred days.
  29. There came Moon Killer the greatest and earliest murderer
  30. Moon Killer laid low by his own hands, his own throat, by the hands of another, by The other
  31. Then it was Moon Bastard
  32. Who slew the only good monster
  33. Who perverted seven colors
  34. Who ruined all desert
  35. Moon Bastard who could not stride
  36. Moon Bastard who could not stand
  37. Moon Bastard in his own blood, bubbling, burbling, alive, not alive
  38. The First Mother in every land, with every people, his sword long, the sword which reflected the First Sword, his blood his own
  39. A hundred thousand mothers in love and desperation and tribute and conquest
  40. Moon Killer is there, Moon Bastard is there, Moon Father is there, Moonchildren are there
  41. They are everywhere
  42. Cities burned and all mothers rose up and slew the fathers with rocks
  43. The first rain was blood rain
  44. The rain of the first blood, the blood before the world, washed the rocks of the Mother's blood
  45. and the First Mother became bone dust and red ash
  46. And Moonchildren
  47. Moon Bastard Moon Father Moon Killer
  48. And the women of the first world, all women, became the Moon Killer Killer, the ur-ur, the second goddesses, each, as a woman
  49. They were the First Women, and there were women before them, and their children were not the First Mother's
  50. And the blood washed blood and the rocks became a fire, and the fire became a new world
  51. This world within the world was blood within blood within blood, and blood from blood and blood
  52. And the swords of Mother and his children became the new lights
  53. And the First Women became extra gods, small in their world, and great within the burning world of blood
  54. They the goddesses
  55. And there was rain for a thousand years, red, as the world burned, and the world cooled like steel
  56. And the heart of the new world was steel and the heart beat with a life it should not have
  57. And the heart of the world was a child
  58. It was the first child
  59. He was the first child
  60. Heir smoke smoke smoke
  61. And the world heart beat and the heart was that of Thunder King
  62. and there was life and magic and horror and blood
  63. There stirred within stone and hate and rage life
  64. There came the child of the First Women, Moon Killer Killer, from the first mother but not the First Mother, not his to claim
  65. And there was the word and the word was MOON SLAVE