Friday, May 8, 2015

Unbreakable- A BXish Class of Immutable Chi Prodigies

HD: d6 (For whenever that actually matters for spell effects)
Save: as Wizard
Attack: as Cleric
Advance: as Dwarf
Requirements: Wisdom 9, Strength 9, Dexterity 9
  • An Unbreakable's default AC is their 1+Wisdom (for ascending) or combines their Constitution, Intellect, and Charisma bonuses rather than any bonus from Dexterity (for descending).
  • A full day of disciplined concentration and rest allows them to heal 1d6 plus any bonus from Constitution. At level 4 this improves to 1d8. At level 7 this improves to 1d10. At level 10 this improves to 1d12.
  • As their action in a round, if they do not move, they may act as a font of lifeforce at a touch, healing a target by as much HP as the Unbreakable is willing to sacrifice from their own HP.
  • Unbreakables cannot benefit from healing conferred by spells, environmental conditions, or magic potions.
  • Unbreakables may not use shields or armor.
  • Unbreakables are proficient with daggers, clubs, quarterstaff.
  • At level 1, an Unbreakable begins play with 100HP. This number is never modified during advancement; they are considered to gain HD until level 9 for the purposes of spell effects or class features of other types but will never have more than 100HP.
  • At level 9, Unbreakables can stay awake, hold their breath, and go without food or water indefinitely. Their aging also slows to Elf speed.
  • Unbreakables may advance to level 10.
I wanted to take the notion of the support class and also the idea of hit points as kung fu to their logical conclusions. Unbreakables will survive better at low levels - at any levels - and are a lifeline parties may come to depend on. However they get no other special boogies. They aren't great in battle, they can't find doors, they aren't immune to petrify or anything, they're just...really fucking hard to kill because of their inner harmony.

I'll be honest, this is one of those ideas I enjoy not so much as an idea on its own but in the notion of getting it to table. They represent an Easy-but-less-interesting mode for low level stump grinder dungeons, in some respects, but they can still fall down an acid pit or onto a stalagmite and die. Just slower. They can still get turned into a statue or Death-Visioned. They just have a static bucket of life because they were born fonts of chi.