Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Some VDND Halfling Subraces


+1 to any two ability scores.

Elfquest Guys Who, Cmon, Are Just Hobbits Who Fuck Dogs:

+1 Strength

Speed 35


 +1 Wisdom

Advantage to avoid falling, resistance against falling damage.


+1 Intelligence

Double proficiency bonus for saves against Spells.

Smidgen from Rat Queens ans I guess whatever they are in that fuck hobbit comic Alfie:

+1 to Constitution

+3 for Charisma Saving Throws.

Black Hobbits from Tunnels and Trolls are now Warboys let's all just get behind this now:

+1 Charisma

Proficiency with Tinker Tools and Alchemist Tools

Proficiency with Land Vehicles