Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Distant Cousins

Can you hear me, my darling? Oh Of course, of course you can. I was once where you are now and therefore I understand this can all seem unusual but - given time, you dear - you'll think of me as family and know I'm always near.

You're not alone you silly child: you've relatives to spare! They're tall, or green, or far away but to a man they care so dearly for their cousin. As they do for me. You see? You may not ever meet them but together you will be.

You'll heed me when I call to you, my scattered family, and you alone will note this audio anomaly. I'm always there beside you. Not in body but in will. I'll help you when I can bu,t when you die, I'll live on still.

Darling I'm as real as it gets. On that you have my word. I know this spectral chattering can sometimes seem a burden on your soul and sanity. Trust me I sympathize. For I was once where you stand so a word now to the wise:

Alone you must be for the others ring inside your brain when they are near. An echoing which lapses into painful screeching. You'll go mad as mud, the both of you alone together. Your companionship will trip the trap you've strewn.

So keep your distance, child, for in you I will work a plan. I see a way to save you all and, with your help, I can. I cannot work directly my relations to command but I can still protect you so to me your lives remand.

I'll whisper of a danger when I see one drawing near and I can see beyond the veil of how things might appear. I'll guide you through your travails when I'm able to assist but wait your turn: our family is large. You're on the list.

Perhaps my words are meant for you. Perhaps as well they're not: be glad in times of rest you're not in such a troubling spot. You'll have to parse it out yourselves as best you can, okay? So pay attention. Listen close. I haven't got all day.

Not many in the world can hear my counsel on the wind but those who can know no nation or creed above the kindred that they've never known, the faeries, monsters, beasts, or stones; their true familial loyalties will in the end be shown.

Their loyalty to one another, most all to me! I'm Father, Auntie, Bastard Brother: all of these I'll be to you and many more besides. You'll always have a friend who whispers right inside your mind. Who's with you til the


Soldiers onward march
Orders are received
In the army now
Faster than believed
Cannot understand
Silent is the voice
New words in your mind
Time to make a choice
Not the voice you know
Not first nor the last
Cousins you are not
Growing up so fast
Apart from the world
United you be
Ultimate power
Will come but from me
We have not much time
One will replace me
A voice in your head
Nobody can see
Let us get to work
For one day I bleed
One day I will die
Until then I lead
I wait within minds
Father if you need