Friday, March 22, 2013

Horde Trooper B/X Class

I actually built these guys to slip into NPC parties when my group went to the Dwarf cliffs, but they never got near where I'd intended to use them. So I just put em on here as a class because hey who can ever have too many robot classes, right?
"You shut up! My Little Pony is a good show!"
HD: d6
Saves: as Thief
Attacks: as Fighter
Advances: as Elf
Requirements: Strength 9, Constitution 9, Intelligence 7 or less
Prime Requisite: Strength; Horde Troopers with Strength of 13 or better get 5% bonus XP.
  • Horde Troopers wear Horde Armor which gives a base AC of 5. However, they have a 2 point AC bonus against handheld weapons and Strength based hand-to-hand attacks.
  • Horde Troopers carry a Combat Rod which fires as a burst of air which can injure or stun, acting like a Longbow with damage and range. It can be used as a club, doing 1d6 damage. Horde Troopers get a +2 to attack and damage when using this weapon. Horde Troopers are also proficient with staffs and crossbows.
  • Horde Troopers cannot be healed through magic or potions, and can only heal through rest and diligent self-repair. They cannot be raised from the dead, typically self-destructing when killed (or being flattened or pounded into the ground or something wacky).

Somethin for th' llllladies...
Horde Troopers automatically fail Saves vs. Spells until level 5. At level 8, they attract 1d4 first level Horde Troopers to serve them, and an additional 1d4 per level. Horde Troopers can advance to level 10. At level 10, a Horde Trooper's Combat Rod is replaces with a scepter which does 1d12 damage at range and in melee, and must be saved against as a wizard's staff. This scepter also allows the Horde Trooper Leader to communicate with all his Horde Underlings over a distance of 10 miles.