Friday, February 22, 2013

Arcis Enumre- Rockpriest (Cleric and Dwarf Variant)

There's nothing stopping this kind of class from being more broadly applicable but I mostly put it together because I wanted to help emphasize the godlessness and divine disconnect of Elfs in this setting. Also the "cliche" of the dwarven paladin was an interesting one to stumble across when I was first getting into this hobby.
from Warhammer Online
HD: d6
Save: as Dwarf
Attack: as Dwarf
Advance: as Cleric
Requirements: Strength 9, Constitution 9, Wisdom9
  • Rockpriests may use only a quarterstaff or magic staff as weapons or as/in addition to their holy symbol.
  • Rockpriests may wear any armor, but may not use shields.
  • Rockpriests begin with 1 spell from the Cleric's spell list at 1st level, and gain Cleric spells at the same rate as a Magic-User.
  • Rockpriests have infravision 60', allowing them to see in the dark.

by Rayph
Rockpriests are dwarfs who have forged a strong connection both to the stone and earth of the Physical plane and to their jolly but serious goddess Bomdutra, Dwarf goddess of duty, stone, and beer. Rockpriests are also called Dwarf Priests or Beer Priests.

A Rockpriest spends all their time steaming drunk. It's the only way they can properly commune with the gods to cast their spells. When thoroughly drunk, a Rockpriest is -4 to hit with weapons, as if blinded, but suffers no other penalties of blindness. Rockpriests in this state cannot speak any language except Dwarf and Elf, though they understand any language they know. There are upsides to this holy state, however. A Rockpriest in this state is aligned with both the Spiritual and Physical planes, and all saving against their spells save at -4, a penalty which stacks with any other penalties to saving vs. spells.

All Rockpriests know both Spiritus and Material.