Friday, October 9, 2020


This is the license for anyone wishing to use, reuse, rewrite, share, or publish anything on this site.
I retain full and exclusive possession of all Basic Red RPG, Adder Entertainment, and Dungeon Mix articles that are found on their respective pages to the right (in desktop mode; if you're not sure what's what in mobile mode maybe wait until you get to a laptop or console). I do not grant blanket permission to use these in any form other than linking the original articles. However, feel free to ask.
The remainder of the articles on this site are to be considered the Available Material.

Anyone can reshare, modify, or use any of the Available Material as much as they want so long as you credit me, link this site when you credit me, and post a link to where you shared it.

Anyone wishing to include any of this Available Material or its derivatives in a truly free published product or a product for charity may do so with permission, so long as they credit me, link this site, and  provide me a copy of it.

Anyone wishing to include any of this Available Material or its derivatives in a pay-what-you-want or paid published product may do so with permission if they provide the following: credit, a link to this site, a copy, and compensation ($1 minimum for a PWYW product, $10 for zines/compilations, inclusion in larger or more expensive/expansive works must be negotiated case by case).
Compensation can be paid using the PayPal button to the right (again, on desktop); just comment what it pertains to at the time you make the transaction, please.
A "copy" here means either a PDF or a code for a free POD copy or something like that. If the only method of publication is physical then WEIRD but okay, please still send me a copy. I may also decide to take a physical copy in lieu of other compensation if we can work it out between us....
If there is ever some confusion as to what constitutes the Available Material you must reach out beforehand, not plow ahead and ask forgiveness later.
I'm no lawyer so some changes may occur to this license from time to time, but I will honor good faith attempts to abide by it; screenshot this page when you use the Available Material if you want to be able to shut my ass up later.
Within the bounds outlined above, this stuff is yours now. Thanks.