Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Arcis Enumre- Crocmen Class

My wife wanted to play something like the Dragonborn character she had played in a friend's game so I bashed this together. It serves as a pretty decent template for almost all "beastmen"-type character race-classes, really, though if I'd remembered the Labyrinth Lord-compatible Mutant Future Mutant Animal generation rules I'd have just had her use those at the time. No reason we can't use both, though.
custom figure by "GrownNerd"
HD: d8
Save: as Fighter
Attack: as Fighter
Advance: as Fighter
Requirements: 9 Constitution, no greater than 9 Intellect or Charisma
Prime Requisites: Strength.
  • Crocmen may wear no armor and are proficient with spears.
  • Crocmen speak Crocman and have a 50% chance of knowing Elf. 
  • Crocmen may double their movement in water.
  • Crocmen are always treated as wearing Leather Armor and shield, AC 6/AC 13
  • Crocmen are always considered to be armed with a spear, accounting for damage from bites, claws, and tail slaps. They are also always considered +1 to force doors or grab/hold.
  • Crocmen may never have retainers and are often gouged by the few reputable shops in Arcis Enumre which agree to trade with them.
  • Crocmen can "hide in shadows" as a Thief when in water, swamps, or tall grass.
  • Crocmen never make a poison save for eating garbage. 
  • Crocmen may advance to level 8. At level 8 they may build and stock their own Dungeon, attracting up to 8HD worth of creatures, who may be replaced if they are killed. For every 100K XP after reaching level 8 they may attract an additional 8HD worth of creatures.