Thursday, February 14, 2013

Arcis Enumre- Cuckoo Class

The idea with this was something like doing Yotsuba or Mr. Magoo as a class, a character protected by their own divine obliviousness. I also quite liked the idea of the really intelligent and aware character who projected that persona to unbalance his enemies, hence the Tom Baker photo. Someone it was impossible to get the drop on or outmaneuver not because they are so damn amazing and clever but because they're unphazed in the face of the amazing and find amazingness in the mundane instead.
HD: d6
Save: as Cleric
Attack: as Cleric
Advance: as Cleric
  • Cuckoos may not wear armor. They may use any weapon they find but the weapon has a 1/6 chance of breaking or being absent-mindedly discarded after any fight, and they cannot buy weapons unless weapons are the only thing available to buy in a shop.
  • Cuckoos add their level to hit and damage with an improvised weapon.
  • A number of times per day equal to their level a Cuckoo can be distracted by something else and declare their Obliviousness in the face of danger and consider their AC to be 0/19 for an attack.
  • Cuckoos speak Cuckoo and Elf, Arcane, as well as the languages of Pixies and Goblins.
  • In a combat situation where the Cuckoo is one of several potential targets, a hostile creature must roll a 1-2 on a d6 in order to attack the Cuckoo first. After the creature's first attack, it may notice the Cuckoo and attack freely.
  • Cuckoos may babble in Cuckoo once per day to distract. Babbling is usable once per day, gaining an additional use per day at levels 4, 7, and 10.
  • Cuckoos may advance to 10th level.

Babble which distracts those around the Cuckoo may have one of two major effects. When used during an encounter, the Cuckoo may use this distraction to swap places in initiative with her enemy, or automatically have her party go first in simple initiative. In roleplaying interactions, the Cuckoo can avoid unwanted attention by confusing those around her, beginning a conversation over again from scratch as if for the first time. If this effect is attempted in a large enough group, the group collectively gets a save vs. spell effect, with the Cuckoo's Wisdom score being the DC for the save.

As they level a Cuckoo amasses a Collection. This can be a library, a bag of trinkets, charms on a bracelet, etc. There are pieces in this collection equal to their Level+Wisdom Score. Any time you want to see if you have an item in this collection relevant to the situation at hand, roll 1d100. Rolling equal to/less than the current size of your Collection means that item is in your Collection. You lose things and use them up and give them away all the time, so what's in your Collection at any given time changes a lot, requiring a new roll each time. For every 105000 xp after level 10 you add 1d10 pieces to your Collection.

Cuckoos can steal anything worth 1 copper without making a check roll.

Additionally, Cuckoos with high ability scores have the following attributes

Strength 13+: You may wear leather armor. You may use any shield you find but have 1/6 chance of losing it or breaking it after each fight.
Constitution 13+: You save as a Dwarf.
Dexterity 13+: You may backstab creatures who are unaware of your presence for double damage.
Intelligence 13+: You level as a Thief.
Wisdom 13+: You may Search for things which are neither treasure nor traps at 4/6.
Charisma 13+: You gain a Pet at Charisma 13, 2 at 15, 3 at 17, 4 at 18. These are mundane non-talking non-magical animals who are not specially trained with 1HD or less. These do not count against your number of Retainers.

Cuckoos reaching level 10 become Cuckoo Kachoos. Kachoos do whatever they want, and are cleverer than given credit for.
  • Obliviousness uses may instead be spent on Saving Throws.
  • Babble uses may instead be spent to reroll to hit or damage rolls.
  • You may check your Collection 1/day to mimic the effects of a magic spell, turn undead, a skill roll, or a natural 20.
  • Kachoos are never the first to be attacked if there are other targets presenting (excepting obvious exceptions).