Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shyguy B/X Class

I'm a huge fan of the first two Paper Mario games, and to a lesser extend the third one. I've long kicked around the idea of doing a table-top game with it since it's ready made for the idea, at least if people stick to playing the kinds of characters who are often Mario's sidekicks in these games. The Shyguy works really well as a kind of Fighter-Also but I ultimately think I'd go with Savage Worlds or something for a full-on game of Mario RPG.
HD: d6
Save: as Halfling
Attack: as Cleric
Advance: as Cleric
Requirements: 8+ in all Ability Scores.
  • Shyguys cannot use armor or shields. They are pretty much always dressed as some variant of Shyguy, mask and all. They get +/- 2 AC for this.
  • Shyguys can use any weapon, but only one kind of weapon at a time. Their name changes to reflect this, e.g. if they pick up a spear at first level they are now Spear Guy and can use any spears they find but only spears. They may learn a new type of weapon in play, but are then restricted to that. It takes a full day for every session you've spent with your previous Name Weapon to get used to a new Name Weapon. Shyguys add their level in damage to their Name Weapon.
  • Shyguys are all either Clever, Sneaky, Nimble, or Tough.
    • Clever Guys have a magic comic book that describes a number of First Tier spells equal to their Intelligence Bonus.
    • Sneaky Guys have all the ability to Hide as a Thief of their level, but no other Thief abilities. If you're using LOTFP I guess this would mean they have Stealth 5/6 at level 1 and then Stealth 6/6 after.
    • Nimble Guys can make a free movement whenever they are attacked. They get a +1 damage bonus with ranged attacks.
    • Tough Guys ignore the first attack that any creature makes against them. This does not include things like gaze attacks or paralyzing touch or magic missile, but it does include big area attacks like Breath Weapons which would include them.
  • Shyguys are considered to have Charisma 18 for the purpose of hiring or keeping Shyguy retainers.
  • When retreating, Shyguys will always trip on their robes once, because that's just adorable.
  • Shyguys speak the Common tongue as well as the secret whisper-language of the Shyguys. 
  • At level 5, a Shyguy's Name Weapon may be a magic item like a rod, wand, or staff. If these items do damage then the Shyguy's Name Weapon bonus will apply to all damage. If the item is limited to a number of charges, the Shyguy gets 1d6+1 additional charges out of the item. If it is limited to a number of uses per day, the Shyguy can use that item an additional time per day.
  • At level 8, they get a Job. Their Job determines their additional abilities and also lets them order any Shyguy without a Job as if that Shyguy were one of their retainers. Shyguys become either Generals, Scholars, Crooks, or Knights
    • As long as Generals have retainers they can elect for a retainer to take damage from an attack or from falling instead of them. Morale and reputation never suffer when Shyguy retainers are sacrificed in this way.
    • Scholars know a number of total languages (including the languages and any bonus languages from 1st level) equal to their Intelligence, and a number of First Tier spells (including any spells gained at 1st level) equal to their level.
    • Crooks gain all additional abilities of a Thief half their level. If you're using LOTFP that means pick two skills other than sneak attack, you have those 6/6.
    • Knights can use all armor, and reroll any save which they critically fail a number of times per day equal to their Constitution score.
  • At level 10, they may assemble an Engine, a land-going vessel which can house a deceptively large number of Shyguys (up to 100), has AC -3/21, can absorb 10+1 HD of damage, and does damage equal to the Shyguy General's hit points. For every million points of XP a Shyguy acquires beyond level 10, their Engine's HD is improved (10+2, followed by 10+3, etc).
  • Shyguys may advance to level 10.

If a Shyguy's mask is lost, they will cover their face and fall prostrate before their true face may be seen. If this mask is not returned immediately, they will vanish in a puff of purple or green smoke and are considered dead. A Shyguy vanishing in this manner always leaves behind 1 gold per level, regardless of coins and equipment carried.