Tuesday, June 16, 2015

BRAWLER- Disciplined Hard-Assed Punchists for Doublecrossroads (BX/LOTFP)

  • You must have both a Wisdom 9 and Dexterity 9 in order to be a Brawler.
  • Brawlers use 1d6 for their Hit Die. Fighters gain bonus HP at each level from either their Constitution of Wisdom bonus. This must be chosen when you create the character.
  • Their base Defensive Number is 13.
  • Brawlers may use anything as a weapon (fist, chair, branch, broken bottle, etc) and may use any weapon. They do a minimum of 1d4 with any weapon, including bare fists and kicks. However, they do one die size less with conventional weapons (e.g. a Major weapon used by them does only d8) if that weapon’s true damage would be greater than 1d4.
  • Brawlers may also use pistols but they usually use them to pistol-whip people with.
  • They may surprise the enemy on a roll of 1-3.
  • They speak Lawful and a language of their choice. If they have an Intelligence bonus they may apply it to Language checks for reading body language, or lip reading, or facial “tells,” or scars.
  • Brawlers add their number of Hit Dice to their Defense Number.
  • Brawlers begin the game with Luck 6, and do not roll their Luck like other Classes.
  • At level 5, a Brawler gets a defensive maneuver Style Die. The Style Die is a d6 and each number corresponds to a free special effect which goes off when you are attacked on either a hit or miss: Roll, Vault, Sidestep, Fake, Guard, Lucky Strike.
  • At level 9, a Brawler attracts an Entourage and establishes a Hangout. This Entourage numbers 3d10 fans/disciples/students, at least d10 of whom are level 1 Brawlers. They have the run of their Hangout, able to come and go as they please, and the Brawler in question may be partially vested in the establishment.
  • At level 10, a Brawler gets an offensive maneuver Style Die. This Style Die features effects that go off on a successful attack by the Brawler, in addition to damage: Trip, Grab, Slow, Push 5’, Disarm, Lucky Strike.
  • At level 15, a Brawler may use either Style Die during either part of initiative.
  • Brawlers may advance to level 16.
Roll- Move 10' away from your attacker on a hit or miss. You are prone.
Vault- You leap over your opponent as he attacks you. On a hit or miss, your character is now behind the character who attacked you.
Sidestep- Move 5' in any direction on a hit or miss.
Fake- On a hit or miss, you pretend your opponent hurt you much worse than they did. +1 tohit and DN until end of your next initiative.
Guard- On a hit or miss, your attacker is -2 to hit a character within 10' of you.
Lucky Strike- You get an extra attack in, right now, on a hit or miss. At level 10, your offensive style die gives you a chance of a Lucky Strike on a successful attack. Lucky Strike can chain indefinitely in this manner.
Trip- Your target, a Large-or-smaller humanoid, falls prone. This doesn't affect other creatures like dragons and grell for obvious reasons.
Grab- You have enough hold on this creature that you double your attack bonus against them until they save against this grab (Easy save).  If they are smaller than you, they move with you. If they are larger than you, you move with them.
Slow- The target's encounter movement rate is halved for its next initiative.
Push 5'- Like it says. If it's as big as a Hill Giant or Dragon or larger, this doesn't do anything.
Disarm- Like it sounds. If the target wants to use that weapon again it has to use its action on its initiative to go pick it up again.
Features Level XP HP
Sucker Punch
Body Language
Tough Hombre
1 0 1d6+1+Constitution or Wisdom bonus

2 2000 +1d6+Constitution or Wisdom bonus

3 4000 +1d6+Constitution or Wisdom bonus

4 8000 +1d6+Constitution or Wisdom bonus
Style Die 5 16000 +1d6+*Constitution or Wisdom bonus

6 32000 +1d6+Constitution or Wisdom bonus

7 64000 +1d6+Constitution or Wisdom bonus

8 120000 +1d6+Constitution or Wisdom bonus
9 240000 +1d6+Constitution or Wisdom bonus
Style Die 10 360000 +2

11 480000 +2

12 600000 +2

13 720000 +2

14 840000 +2
Style Mastery 15 960000 +2

16 1080000 +2