Tuesday, January 29, 2019

XXR Micro Edition

Dwarf Pioneer
Thief/Specialist Scout
Halfling Hunter

You can gain the benefits of a laborer (+1 to Strength or Constitution), a scholar (+1 to Intelligence or Wisdom), or a rascal (+1 to Charisma or Dexterity). You can pick a job and gain the social benefits and pay from that job for as long as you show up to it. You retain any knowledge from your previous jobs if you've done them for more than a level. If you are a normal person you can get a good mount and saddle for free, and if you come from within the world you start with an extra 100g or 100s or whatever the standard.

Spells are granted randomly from any level. Everyone can ignore their background bonus (above) and begin knowing 1 spell. Everyone can share spells. When you level up you can choose to gain normal benefits or gain a "free spell" and learn a new spell. Otherwise casting a spell costs half your HP or a sacrifice with HD equal to or greater than your character level. Spells may be discovered as reward.

Guns include single-barrel shotguns, revolvers, and single shot rifles, by order of effective range. They all do 1d8 damage, shotguns do damage in a cone, and revolvers are easier to conceal. Rolling a 1 means your gun jams and it takes a Medium Save to unjam it. Failing that save means it needs repair.

Saves are Easy 13, Medium 15, Hard 17. Pioneers and Hunters get +2 to saves, everyone gets their Charisma bonus to all saves. There's no AC, someone need only meet or exceed your Constitution. Initiative is resolved in order of Dexterity but remember everything happens in a round simultaneously. HD are serial rather than cumulative; whenever you're reduced to 0HP you must make a Medium Save or bleed out, and if you succeed you can roll one of your accumulated HD to get your wind again. Failure means bleeding away your Strength to 0, at which point you die: Strength is lost at 1pt/round, regained at 1pt/day.

Every time you eat human flesh you gain +1 to melee damage and -1 to saves. Whenever you cast a spell, eat human flesh, or roll a saving throw against a spell (whatever the outcome) you roll a save immediately after any penalties have been applied. On a failed save your sanity slips and it lets something in, into your mind or the world.