Saturday, July 25, 2015

THE CHOSEN- Poisoned Academics of That Which Is Not Demon Nor God for XXR

  • Chosen require Constitution 9 and Intellect 9.
  • Chosen use 1d6 for their Hit Die.
  • Their Defensive Number is 14.
  • Chosen may use any Minor weapon.
  • They do not use firearms.
  • They speak Lawful and any Languages granted by their Intellect bonus. They also understand the language of Hell and the Beyond when they read, hear, or sense it.
  • Chosen may achieve Shock 50 before they become a NPC. They must make 1 Red Save to behave normally for a given scene. When they reach Shock 50 they are considered to have failed their Beyonder Roll.
  • Chosen may uniquely heal Shock from their allies by absorbing it, incurring as much Shock as they remove as an action. They may also spend their Initiative attempting to Shock a victim, conferring a larger amount of Shock than normal on a success. This may only ever be attempted once per target, and the target is allowed a Red Save. If they fail the Save, the target incurs the amount of Shock indicated by the Chosen. If the target succeeds on the Save, the Chosen’s Shock is not reduced, and they incur additional Shock equal to the stated value and must make a Beyonder Roll.
  • At first level, they may provide a glimpse through the aperture of madness at the powers beyond starlight. At will, they may roll their Hit Die and incur the result in Shock in order to inflict that amount of damage on a living creature. There is no Save associated with this effect. At higher levels, the Chosen may roll up to his maximum Hit Dice for his level, and split the damage amongst as many targets as he wishes. All targets of this effect must be able to see the Chosen.
  • At first level, they may consult the constellations to determine the answer to one yes/no question without expending Luck or drawing from the Fortune Deck.
  • At level 3 they may cast Augury, ESP, Forget (Tier 2), and Curse/Remove Curse (Tier 3). They may cast these spells at will, but each time they do so they incur 2x the Tier of that spell in Shock (so 4 Shock for a Tier 2 Spell) and must immediately make a Beyonder Roll.
  • At level 6, they may reduce their Hit Points by any amount in order to Levitate or become Invisible for an equal number of minutes.
  • At level 8 the Chosen gains half the Shock they heal from an ally as HP, though they still take the full value in Shock. They also take on an awe-inspiring and horrible Aspect: they suffer 1d6 mutations and gain the ability to cast Feeblemind, using the above spell casting rules. They also accrue a mystery cult about them in admiration of the Beyonders.
  • Chosen may advance to level 8.

Whenever the Chosen exercise the awesome power of the stars and the creatures beyond the heavens, they do so by making of themselves gateways. Things can come through gateways. Whenever a Beyonder Roll is required, roll 1d100. If the result is equal to or less than the Chosen’s current Shock, their flesh becomes the medium of manifestation for some unknowable thing. The “summoned” creature is a being of HD equal to the Chosen’s with a Defensive Number of 21. If the entity’s Hit Points number less than the Chosen’s current Hit Points, it is possible to physically drive the creature out of the Chosen without killing him. Otherwise, they are one being, a NPC monster the Doom Marshall controls.
Remember, if the Chosen is reduced to HP 0 or Shock 50 they automatically incur the penalty of a failed Beyonder roll.

Features Level XP HP
1 0 1d6+Constitution bonus

2 2250 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Gatekeeper 3 4500 +1d6+Constitution bonus

4 9000 +1d6+Constitution bonus

5 18000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Transcendent 6 36000 +1d6+Constitution bonus

7 72000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
8 144000 +1d6+Constitution bonus