Saturday, July 25, 2015

MOUNTAIN MEN- Weird West D&D Hermits and Trailblazers for my BX/LOTFP Piecemal

  • Being a Mountain Man requires Constitution 9.
  • Mountain Men use a d10 for their Hit Die.
  • Their Defensive Number is 16.
  • Mountain Men may use any Normal weapon. They are +1 tohit/damage with Minor and Simple weapons.
  • They can use pistols and rifles.
  • They speak Lawful, the dialects of the Mountain Men, and any languages provided by an Intellect bonus.
  • Mountain Men Searching, Tinkering, or investigating Architecture while completely alone roll twice on all Skill checks. If they are alone in the dark, they may roll three times.
  • At level 6, all Red saves become Yellow saves. Green and Yellow saves stay the same.
  • At level 9, they may declare a mountainous or forested region as their Claim. The Mountain Man is never surprised by wandering monsters in this Claim, and can cross any distance to be where he needs to be, showing up without explanation, so long as he acts alone. They are to be considered ultimately skilled in Stealth within this Claim, and the bounty of their Claim provides them with all the provisions they ever need and enough money from pelts and minerals to cover all basic necessities (ammo, whiskey, etc) in town through barter. They also receive a moose, buffalo, bear, or similar enormous wild animal as a mount.
  • Mountain Men advance to level 12.
Features Level XP HP
Loner 1 0 1d10+1+Constitution bonus

2 2200 +1d10+1+Constitution bonus

3 4400 +1d10+1+Constitution bonus

4 8800 +1d10+1+Constitution bonus

5 17600 +1d10+1+Constitution bonus
Hardy 6 35200 +1d10+1+Constitution bonus

7 70400 +1d10+1+Constitution bonus

8 140800 +1d10+1+Constitution bonus
9 281600 +1d10+1+Constitution bonus

10 400000 +3+1+Constitution bonus

11 530000 +3+1+Constitution bonus

12 660000 +3+1+Constitution bonus