Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Rite of Wode for Basic Red

Rites of Summoning allow you to commune with the spirits that make up, hell, everything in 666th Edition. Think of it as democratic magic, a people's magic, folk a lot of more dismissive histories probably "women's magic." Most people still never seek out these Rites and those who know them mostly don't use them. This is not a thing you pull out every time it would be convenient like Mage Armor because even the simplest Rite has a chance of going wrong and angering the spirit, causing you some kind of discomfort or danger. One person in a 1st level party knows 1 Rite and each player may roll against their Experience to see if they know any others. Perhaps the most commonly known around the Idle Lands of Corrine is the Rite of Wode. Please note that the examples below are not meant to be exhaustive but should give you an idea of the way Rites are structured around the power and intimacy of a spirit. You will meet many disparate spirits in your travels, some of whom may become patrons, fonts of great power, or familiars, servant-extensions of your own will in the spiritual realm.

Aspects (elements of the spiritual, folkloric qualities of a spirit of a thing which you can manifest to influence yourself, your team, your environment, your situation)

Shade (+1 Sneak)
Roots (Detect at a distance of 1 Room/Area)
Bark (+2 to Constitution saves)
Thirst (Heal 1HP/round from water)

Forms (required for a lesser spirit to effect its presence and influence; these spirits are, for example, the spirit of A tree, not the spirit of a forest...if you want a spirit to not only lend you its strength but also act on your behalf it will need Form)

Talking trees
Animate piles of leaves
Divining rods
Burning bushes

Demands of Compact (spirits of intelligence and will may only agree to manifest and/or serve you for a particular price; these spirits may be of a forest, but they are not the spirit of Vines, the spirit of Trees)

Protection from a particular threat or hazard
Consecration of a plant-filled region against Demons or corruption
Sacrifices for the loaming
Tending to a rare seed or stripling

Entities (whole concepts of our world flow from them, or they have come to embody pre-existing concepts. These are the powerful agents of Vines, Trees, and the pantheon of green life...will only appear if beckoned by their True Names)

The blossoming of flowers
The weeds which choke the life from young trees
The lichen woven into the new flesh of the forest
The renewal from ash

So as you see the idea is to be fairly flexible according to the exact supplications and demands of the environment. Using the tools available and beseeching for specific requests. You can think of this as a mechanization of a party arguing for hints or favors from the DM, or an alternative magic system to emulate That Pat Rothfuss Bullshit. But it requires investment and role-playing and materials from the players in return.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Basic Red Conversion for D&D

Conversion from normal D&D to 666E, Rules Found Here.
You get your normal D&D spell slot allotments total worth of spells before you take a Strain penalty. Strict memorization and preparedness is not required. You do not gain new spells automatically and you cannot Learn spells higher than your character level. Ignore a spell's usual components and instead pay a Price of 2X Spell Level, which can be offset by Artifacts.

Feats, Magic Items, Mutations

You can transfer over one of each, and it is effectively unique to you among players and NPCs, though some monsters or enemy types may duplicate or approximate its effects. DM will track Advancement separately for these aspects of your character, so they can progress faster than your pawn.


You can retain all spells you know but if you want a Mana Die to cast with or you want to be able to use spells in combat then become a Magician. There's no differentiation in spell lists or magic sources. Clerics, Monks, Warlocks and Druids might consider becoming Sages. Barbarians, Rangers, Druids, and Thieves might consider becoming Hunters. Thieves, Fighters, Paladins, Barbarians, and anyone else looking for a combat focus should look to Fighters. Any character whose main focus was utility, skill use, and versatility (including dungeon crawling, seduction, streetwise types, Tyrion, etc) might consider becoming Explorers. Bards should consider playing literally anything else.


...of nonhuman cultures all come with a Mana Die and an ability pool. You can be a half-this or half-that by choosing 2 options from a race's pool. You can mix and match between the different nonhumans and even certain draconic or infernal bloodlines or bestial forms to build your person but you are at most half this, half that, never a mix of three or more. Most half-breeds are mixed with humans because humans will let anything fuck them and have worse decision making skills than the Elder peoples. Since humans don't have an ability pool just choose 2 abilities from your other heritage and give yourself +1 Mana right away. You can't be just a dragon or a hellspawn under these rules but if you want to be just a big cat instead of a cat-man then okay.

  • Elf Sight- Roll in place of Detect for far sight, localized awareness, or seeing in dark
  • Elf Resistance- Roll in place of a Save to avoid anything that would fetter your movement, like entanglement, paralysis, petrification, or sleep
  • Elf Majesty- Roll in place of any Skill check when not in an Elf community
  • Elf Experience- Roll in place of an Experience check about the events of the last 150 years.
Choose any 2 Elf abilities and gain either +1 Mana or any 2 abilities from another race.

  • Iron Constitution- Roll this instead of a Constitution save against a physical effect or hazard.
  • Iron Will- Roll this instead of a Willpower save against a mental effect or trauma.
  • Ignore Weight- Move as if not Weighed Down for 1 combat or 3 Rooms.
  • Attention to Detail- Employ a level of scrutiny as if you had lots of time to think about something or had some magnifying/fine measurement apparatus at hand.
Choose any 2 Dwarf abilities and gain either +1 Mana or any 2 abilities from another race.

  • Mana Damage- Roll to deal your Level in additional damage on any attempt to attack or break.
  • Feat of Strength- Do one big physically impressive thing not covered by normal combat or exploration rules, like throw a gnome or split a shield or break through a wall.
  • Sense Memory- Roll if you have been close enough to a target that you have smelled it or tasted its blood. You can now detect that target easily, which is useful for tracking or avoiding ambush.
  • Orcish Fury- Make a Willpower save to gain 1HP. You may do this when reduced to 0HP.

Choose any 2 Orc abilities and gain either +1 Mana or any 2 abilities from another race.
  • Duck n Cover- Avoid an ambush or roll in place of Dexterity to avoid a hazard
  • Briar Step- Move undaunted through brush, roots, or other vegetal hazards, or roll in place of Sneak among the same.
  • Scarper- Roll in place of Fitness to move through tight spaces or move safely through a battlefield
  • Fortunate- Roll to gain +1 AC for 1 combat or 3 rooms. 
Half-Halfling would be a stupid name. Choose any 2 Halfling abilities and gain either +1 Mana or any 2 abilities from another race.

(...are all just half dwarf and half elf anyway so...)
  • Elf Sight
  • Attention to Detail
  • Iron Will
  • Elf Majesty
Very rare. Choose any 2 Gnome abilities and gain either +1 Mana or any 2 abilities from another race.
(a very generalized template used to make all the weird half-animal races in D&D, but you can also just use it to be a cool dog I guess?)
  • Beastly Locomotion- Roll to get some special movement benefit, such as increased speed, aqua-mobility, avoiding Fitness rolls, or brief flight. Failure doesn't necessarily mean you can't use this special movement but it will mean that some penalty is levied for it.
  • Natural Weaponry- Gain a benefit from a Weapon type for one Unarmed attack.
  • Animal Tongues- Use in place of Experience checks to communicate with simple beasts, +10 bonus if they are the same type of creature as you.
  • Spirit Animals- Roll instead of a Con/Dex/Will save when Summoning an animal spirit.

 (Anything can become a Goblin, gradually, losing one of their pool abilities and gaining one of these. PCs may not begin as full Goblins and those who become full Goblins are forfeit to DM as enemies)
  • Detect Evil- Roll to intuit a specific sin from an individual or to roughly rank everyone in eyesight by degree of corruption.
  • Living Artifact- Roll to deduct your Level from the Price of a spell.
  • Recover HP- Roll to successfully extract 1d4HP from innocent blood, 1d6HP from vile blood.
  • Goblin Summoning- Roll to avoid Summoning Failure penalties when Summoning Goblins or Demons.

(PCs never play full Dragons but they can have a draconic ancestry, choosing 2 of the following and mixing it with another race or gaining +1 Mana)
  • Dragon Flight- Roll to fly, failure does not always mean you cannot fly but it may carry other penalties.
  • Swift Flight- Move at a rate of +2 areas, only usable when flying.
  • Mana Drain- Roll to harvest +1 Mana from a target, who is at -1 Mana until they sleep or somehow re-center themselves.
  • Magic Experience- Roll in place of EX concerning the qualities, history or lore of magics
  • Breath Weapon- Roll to distribute 1d6 damage among every target you are facing within 1 room/area.
  • Form of Man- Assume a mundane guise, failure means your disguise is unconvincing in some major way
  • Terrifying- Roll to strike fear into someone's heart. Those who succeed may not advance on you this round, those who fail must flee from you at full speed this round.
  • Keen Detection- Roll in place of Detect when somewhere familiar to you such as a lair or hoard or home town.
  • Multi-Attack- Roll to deal 1 damage to every target within reach.

(PCs never play full Hellspawn but they can have this ancestry, choosing 2 from the following and mixing it with another race or gaining +1 Mana.)
  • Silver Tongue- Roll instead of Speech to get what you want.
  • Ignore Heat- Roll instead of Constitution to avoid damage or fatigue from fire or heat
  • Binding Rite- Roll instead of a normal saving throw when Summoning. May only be used once per Summoning.
  • Veteran Magic- Roll to avoid the penalty for casting spells in combat for 1 combat.
  • Burden- Force another to bear the effects of your Weight for 1 combat or 3 rooms.
  • Guile- Roll to void a Control failure for Diplomacy.