Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mutant Preview

Alphas: roll 1d10+6 for each

Power- Physical ability. Every odd point improves tohit/damage. Even points improves RAD saves. Helps determine your HP.

- Mental and motor acuity. Every odd point improves AC. Even points improve TEK saves. Determines Utility use.

Will- Awareness and force of personality. Odd points improve XP and Rabble, even points improve BIO saves. Acts as Psychic Defense.

For every point below 10 you suffer an associated penalty instead.

Betas: Roll 1d12

Omega Men
1d6 HP per point of Power
1d4 unarmed strikes
1d4 Omegas
-1 to all saves for each Omega

Pod People
1d8 HP per point of Power
+1 to all saves
Extra 3/6 Utility

50 HP but their HP never improves with advancement.
1 Omega
+2 AC
+2 to TEK saves, -2 to BIO saves
Food and water penalties halved, never receive bonus for extra rations

Gammas: Choose One

Can apply 1d6 healing with improvised tools, 2d6 with first aid kits

May use magic items
Know 1 Spell per even Skill over 10 (CONSTANT)
Cast 1 Spell

+2 to Psychic Defense (CONSTANT)

Cannot be surprised (CONSTANT)
Roll Hide twice (CONSTANT)

Roll for Loot twice (CONSTANT)
Roll for Technology twice (CONSTANT)

+2 to hit and damage (CONSTANT).

Saving Throws

RAD- Radioactive energy, magical energy, alien power sources, other environmental hazards. BASE 17

TEK- Traps, forgotten and cutting edge technology, ‘Omegas’ from cyborgs and roboids. BASE 15

BIO- Omegas from living creatures, diseases, poisons, and all psychic effects. BASE 13

Rabble & Reactions

For every odd point of Will above 10 you can successfully command one Follower, be they servants or pets or employees. This also confers a bonus to influencing the desperate Rabble of the wasted world, improving their reaction to you. Every point of Will below 10 confers a -1 penalty to this roll. Otherwise rolls are conducted on 1d10:

1: Hostile and immediately aggressive
2-4: Hostile
5-7: Non hostile
8-9: Friendly
10: Enthusiastic Friendship

A GM may roll a Reaction against the Rabble table when you encounter a being who may or may not be a danger to you. This is entirely their discretion.

Utility Dice

Choose one Utiliyu to rate 3/6, one to rate 2/6, all others rated 1/6. You have a # of Utility Dice equal to your Skill, and you must spend one any time you want to benefit from a Utility or when commanded to do so. When you run out of your Utility Pool you can still roll a Utility but take an exhaustion penalty to all Saving Throws equal to the rating of the Utility you use, e.g. Pushing an expended 2/6 Utility exhausts you to the point where you take -2 to Saving Throws until you get a night's sleep.

Gamma- Use a Gamma feature that is not Constant.
Hide- Avoid detection or make movements without being noticed, like pickpockets or ventriloquists
Seek- Look for something specific, or specifically look for hidden things
Destroy- Force open doors, disable traps or hazards, figure out how to kill a strange thing
Past- Know what something from pre-Cataclysm was, or know who someone was, or know the history of post-apocalyptic world.
Wasteland- Finding your way, identifying poisonous flora and water, identifying certain creatures.
Fitness- Jumping, Climbing, Swimming, Endurance.
Talking- Communicating in the many half-languages of the survivors and cargo cults of the ruined future, convincingly bullshitting someone into doing what you want to do.

Omega Flux

Whenever you use an Omega effect that is not CONSTANT you must also make a Saving Throw determined by what Alpha is associated with that Omega. On a failed save you lose the ability to safely use that Omega until you have restful sleep. You can later attempt another Saving Throw to attempt to Push a Spent Omega where success means you have jumpstarted your abilities. Failure on a Push means you reroll that Omega and gain a new Omega in its place.

Rolling a 1 when using any Omega prompts a Saving Throw.

Technology Check

Whenever you find a piece of fantastic technology you must make a TEK Saving Throw to see if you have any idea what it might do and whether it is functional. A character may only roll against TEK once for a given object. A successful roll means you can make a further TEK Saving Throw to figure out how to use it. Some objects may require other TEK Saving Throws in order to repair, reload, recharge, or even use.

If you find Junk out in the world you can make a TEK Saving Throw during your next rest to attempt to fashion it into a crude weapon. Doing so negates any HP recovery you would normally receive during this period, even if the check is unsuccessful.

TEK Saving Throws never work for mystical objects. You just have to take a big chance when you try to use those.


Whenever you have successfully defeated an enemy or claimed a lair you may roll for Loot. This is a 1/6 chance of discovering potable water, edible food, batteries, ammo, crude weapons, astounding tech, sacred writings, magical relics, or other shiny objects, including Indisputable Currency. On a success you’ll always get at least something. When you roll for Loot always roll 1d6 and 1d10; if your Loot roll is successful you've already got your result for what you found.

Healing and Death

You die like hell when you drop to 0 HP. Stopping for a hearty lunch allows you to regain 3 HP. Getting a night of restful sleep (even including watches) nets you 1d6. A full day of rest in relative luxury allows you to regain 2d6 but there is usually some fungible cost associated with such decadence.

Finding a first aid kit or other medical supplies allow you to restore 1d6 HP, fully expending the usefulness of the kit or supplies. Doctors of course can heal 1d6 with improvised Junk tools and 2d6 with proper equipment.

Armor, Encumbrance, and Movement

No characters begin with armor apart from natural armor. Armor that is worn (excluding rudimentary shields made out of stop signs and stuff) can provide a protection bonus up to the character’s Power -10 (minimum 1). Wearing more protective armor Encumbers a character. This would mean, for example, that a character with Power 14 could wear up to 4 pts. of armor before being encumbered, and a character with Power 9 would not be able to wear any armor without being encumbered.

Movement is 120’/60’ per Move. A character can double this on their initiative if they don't do anything else, or they may attempt to double it and retain their other actions with a successful Fitness Utility  roll. An Encumbered character halves all these values.

A character may carry a number of items (including makeshift shields) equal to their Skill -10 before being Encumbered. Again, this means a character with Skill 14 can have a total of 4 items (weapons, med kit, shield, and grappling hook for example) without being encumbered, while a character with Skill 8 may only carry a Sharp Stick without being encumbered.

All of this means that you won’t be able to carry much food and water. Just as well, because that would make you a target. You still need to have at least 2 meals and 3 cups of water each day. If these needs are not met you suffer a penalty to all Saving Throws equal to your missed rations, up to -5 per day. If you have the luxury of receiving more than this bare minimum of water and food each day you gain a bonus to saves for each additional food and water ration.


Before any combat begins you check to see if any Gammas or Omegas will affect the order of play. You also see if either party is surprised (2/6). If a benign NPC or creature of less than average intelligence is involved they may have a different reaction to the party so roll for that if you feel like it. But MOSTLY, Initiative is checked by rolling 1d20 against the GM (i don’t know Gamma Magus?), highest result wins. Most things will involve some kind of d20 or d6 roll.

A player uses her Initiative to move, do a trivial thing like pick something up or open a door or draw a weapon, and then do one Thing. Things may be: making an Attack; using Gammas, Omegas, or Utilities; taking an additional movement; any other more complicated thing. These are all resolved for a side in the order listed.

When you roll a 1 while using an Omega it prompts a Saving Throw.

When you roll a 1 while making a ranged weapon attack you have to either make a TEK Saving Throw (for advanced gear to avoid backfire) or roll a second attack roll with all bonuses against a target of the GM’s choice, who will always be the worst-case-scenario target.

When you roll a 1 while making a melee attack you open yourself up to an attack by your enemy, who may take an additional swipe at you even if they have acted this round. You also trigger an attack if you enter an existing melee without attacking, or if you leave melee range without Retreating (which uses up your movement).

Whenever you roll a 20 while attacking you may make another attack of that kind (melee or ranged). Rolling a 20 on a Saving Throw or Omega Flux check just means you're fine...for now.

Your AC has a base of 10 and is then modified by armor, Skill, Betas, Omegas, and situational bonuses. Your Psychic Defense always equals your Will and is further modified by Gammas and Omegas.

  1. 0
  2. 100
  3. 200
  4. 400
  5. 800
  6. 1600
  7. 3200
  8. 6400
  9. 12800
  10. 25000
…………..+50000 every level after.

Each level Omega Men gain 1d6HP and Pod People gain 1d8HP. You also roll on this table to see what additional benefit if any you gain:

1-5: No Benefit
6-20: Power Increase
21-35: Skill Increase
35-50: Will Increase
51-70: 1 Utility Point
71-80: +1 AC
81-90: +1 Psychic Defense
91-95: Evolve past Omega Drawback, otherwise No Benefit
96-99: New Omega
100: New Omega and Roll Again

Remember that for every odd number over Will 10 you gain 5% extra XP. That is a character with Will 16 gains 15% bonus XP, and can reach level 2 with 85 XP.