Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Drifters - Vagabond Cowboy Knights and Vagrant Warrior Poets in a LOTFPish West

  • Being a Drifter requires Charisma 13.
  • Drifters use a d6 for their Hit Die.
  • Their Defensive Number is 14.
  • They may use any Normal weapon (d8).
  • They may use pistols.
  • Drifters may always roll twice on Languages checks. They know Lawful.
  • Drifters work a lot like the Professional, in that they receive points with which to advance their Skills, but have some key differences. First, they receive only 1 additional Skill Point each time they level. Second, at 2nd level, they may spend their Skill Points to improve their Reputation by 1d8 points. Third, they may spend a point of Reputation outside of combat to mimic the following spells or spell-like effects: Charm Person, Fear, Confusion, Command. The target always gets a save, with a penalty equal to the Drifter’s Charisma bonus. Fourth, they may not improve Sneak Attack like a Pro.
  • Drifters do not roll their luck at 1st Level. They have a Luck of 1. Theirs is a hard life.
  • At level 4, they may now spend Reputation to attempt to Hold Person, Speak to Animal, effect Sleep, or Identify.
  • At level 5, they may attempt their 1st level Reputation abilities against a crowd, all who can see and hear them in a radius of their Charisma+Level in feet, with all targets saving without the normal penalty.
  • At level 7, they may use their 1st level Reputation abilities in-combat.
  • Drifters may advance to level 8. At level 8, Drifters achieve Reputation 20 regardless of their current score. They pass into Legend, and even after their passing or from the other side of the world they may be Summoned. A Drifter may spend one point of their Reputation to teach another how to Summon him. They never pay for accommodations or food or drink again, and their presence can afford them an audience with all but the most reclusive or officious individuals.
Features Level XP HP
Bad Luck
Strong Rep
4 Skill Points
1 0 1d6+1+Constitution bonus
Improved Rep
1 Skill Point
2 1750 +1d6+Constitution bonus
1 Skill Point 3 3500 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Major Rep
1 Skill Point
4 7000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Crowd Control
1 Skill Point
5 14000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
1 Skill Point 6 28000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Dangerous Rep
1 Skill Point
7 56000 +1d6+Constitution bonus
Living Legend
1 Skill Point
8 112000 +1d6+Constitution bonus