If you have a class, race, race-as-class, etc. designed to be FLAILSNAILS cross-compatible specifically (or equivalent and compatible with Swords and Wizardry, OSRIC, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Labyrinth Lord, Dungeons and Dragons Basic/Expert, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, or some other system similar enough to be compatible at a squint).....

Please, post the links in the comments on the bottom of this page.
PLEASE do not post to a general category on your website for your homebrew stuff; instead, please post a separate line item and link for each entry you want so archived.
Do not post a link to a product for sale please.

As entries are archived the original comment below will be deleted. That should help so that everything I haven't gotten to yet should be easy to find and not buried under old updates.

I may reach out to you only if something seems way incompatible with the above, to clarify.
You may reach out to me at any time for any reason, (basic red are pee gee at gee mail dot calm) such as disagreeing with how your entry has been cataloged.

IF YOU ARE BROWSING THESE PAGES ASSUME EVERY LINK IS NSFW. However, the holy-cow-nsfw links, if any, will be marked as such.


If you wrote a custom spell and posted it on your site and you would like someone to, you know, actually USE the spell....

Post the name of the spell,
link to the spell description,
type of spell (cleric, druid, MU, etc),
and level of the spell*

Meaning, if you have 1 page with 14 spells, please post all 14 spells as separate info blocks. These are going to be broken up according to level and category and it makes my life 100% easier. I won't do anything about spells posted in another manner, I will just delete the comment.

*If your spells do not have a specific level tied to them they go in the Magic Wasteland section and probably won't get used. As they are used by FLAILSNAILS DMs who assign levels to them, if those DMs or players get back to me, I may move them to another area.


A tremendous thank-you to Will B. of A Wizard's Kiss for his previous efforts in this area. I will endeavor to live up to the service he provided.

Some people are down with D&D 5e being FLAILSNAILS but if you have 5e material, please send it to Chris over at Three Hs of Gaming.


(Special Kinds of Fighters, Magic-Users, Thieves, Clerics, etc)
Arnold Dinosaur Clerics
Arnold Hair Wizard
Arnold Muscle Wizard (Muscular Puncher) 
Arnold Wizards (Multiple Magic-User sub-types)
Brendan Assassin
Chris Defender of the Faith (Cleric)
Chris Illusionist (Specialist)
Chris K. Black Hobbit
Chris K. Feral Dwarf
Chris K. Pantsless Barbarian
Chris K. Thief
Chris K. White Wizard *
Courtney Expert
Courtney Theubaz (Spell Slot Thief)
Daniel Fuck Druid
Daniel Judges (Paladins) 
Daniel Monk
Daniel Muscle Wizard
Daniel Smell Wizard (kind of a half-class of spell hacks, I may either finish or remove this) 
Eric Thief-Dabbler 
Evan Ranger
Evan Rogue
Evan Witch
Gus Alchemist (MU subclass)
Gus Elemental (MU Subclass)
Gus Engineer (Fighter subclass)
Gus Illusionist
Gus Necromancer (MU subclass I think?)
Gus Specialist
Jack Druid
James Barbarian
James Halfling
James Muscle Wizard
James W. Black Knight
James W. Chainmail Chick
James W. Sinewy Barbarian
James W. Star Wizard
James W. Witch (this one is a bit more than just a MU deviation)
JB Barbarian
JB Wood Elf 
Jeff Dwarf
Jeff Elf
Jeff Halfling
Josie Blood Druid  
Mateo Monk
Mateo Witch 1
Mateo Witch 2
Mateo Witch 3 (damn son)
Michael Freebooter
Reynaldo Anti-Paladin
Reynaldo Paladin
Reynaldo Fancy Fighters
Richard Industrial Druid
Roger Red/White Sword Wizard
Scarius Assassin
Scarius Bastard Fighter
Scarius Druid
Scarius Paladin 
Scarius Ranger
Scarius Rogue
Scarius Wizard
Telecanter Choose-Your-Own Rogue
Trollsmyth Witch
Will Druid
Zak Random Barbarian
Zak Random Fighter
Zak Random Ranger
Zak Random Thief
Zak Random Witch
Zak Random Wizard

* I normally don't link to incomplete classes or new classes contained in books but there's enough to play here without the spell list and level progression found in the Hill Cantons Compendium, which is linked in the entry.

(Weird Unique Stuff)

Dandy (Same home rules set containing the Spiritualist)
Spirit Medium
Spiritualist (same PDF as the Dandy)
Star Knight
Stranger! (Specific mod to the above)

(Race as Class)
War Chimp 
(Races designed to be used in addition to Class)
(Bang bang with heavy rock to make fit in hole)
A Shitload Of Options compiled by Noah Stevens (NOTE: some items in this collection are PDFs or zines for purchase)

(Where race and class might work differently in the Excel spreadsheet but are roughly compatible with the above. Tied to specific milieus.)

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