Friday, February 8, 2019

Quick Encumbrance One

Two-handed items or very heavy items can count as 2, and up to 1000 coins counts as 1 and so forth. DM's discretion. You can carry a weight of "coins" equal to your Constitution x1000. Whenever you want to carry something after you reach this limit you have to do a Constitution roll. This can be a roll-under check or a high-roll DC but there should be a penalty for each previously successful check. If you pass, you can carry it unencumbered. If you fail, you're Encumbered until you shed the excess baggage. Encumbered means you can move OR attack on your turn but not both, no arguments the end forever goodbye.

If your load is equal to or less than your Constitution Bonus then you can also move half-speed, rather than quarter-speed, during combat.

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