Monday, May 14, 2018

Pregens for Basic Red

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Frawleyan Magician
ST 8
IN 13
KN 17
AR 13
EX 23
HP: 1
Mana Die +0
Spells: Trace, Renew, Reprieve, Elder Gift (Detect Corruption)
Artifacts: Lore, Aesthetics, Signs
Rites: None
Skills: None
Cuirass, Furs, Grimoire, ink, cloak, empty book, horse

This scholar of divinity shows due fealty to all the gods but has consecrated herself to a temple of Helgier the Lamplighter. Devoting herself to the study of history and the bloodlines of kings, she is ill equipped for the dangers of the wilds but finds herself compelled to seek the condemned and the accused to stand as witness, confessor, or advocate. Hers is the diplomatic arena, where her gifts can earn favors from powerful influencers, but her life-sustaining touch is much sought amongst warriors and explorers.

Furthest Hunter
ST 13
IN 10
KN 13
AR 9
EX 14
HP: 9
Mana Die +0
Spells: None
Artifacts: Faith, Blood, Sex
Rites: None
Skills: +1 Detect
Sword, war paints

This hellion like most of her kind views the whole of the world as mere shadows of the true world beyond this, her world, the fire that casts a shade. She is more real than real and can find no satisfaction in this realm. To this one a hunt is not over until some better distraction comes along; until then, be it bird or fox or man, their blade will hunger still after felling one hundred. Their particular attunement to the vibrations of their home give them added resistance against the mean dangers of this world. Hers is the martial arena, preferably striking from ambush with the aid of crude camouflage. She carries little, as all in this world is impermanent anyways. What she requires she takes.

Outsider Explorer
ST 9
IN 14
KN 12
AR 9
EX 13
HP: 6
Mana Die
Spells: None
Artifacts: Locations, Elements
Rites: Rite of Wode
Skills: +1 Travel
Cart, ox, staff, whip, 10m rope, mess kit

This wanderer from a distant land gets to add +2 to any value instead of being defined by her race or his homeland, and their player has elected to sink that into a bonus to Travel. Combined with the Explorer's chosen Skill bonus that means every time it's her turn as Navigator they've got a whopper of a chance to stay on course and shave entire days off of a journey, safely. Little combat or diplomatic utility is afforded here but the Rite of Wode might help not only in navigation but, also, more general exploration.