Monday, April 16, 2018

FREE PDF + A Way To Pay For A Free PDF

First, I have caved and added a PayPal donations button to the right. They may not be the best service for this but it's a service I already have so that simplifies things. Whatever you ever donate to me through this button I do unwholesomely swear: it will only ever be used for game-stuff ventures, such as funding some projects I am working on and helping me to afford game books for review. I think I want to do more of those and this is the only way it will ever happen. As for other projects this might fund...a lot of you know about one, Kiel and Scrap at least know about another, bigger one.

Second, possibly unrelated, I've put together a new house-rules document for what I am still calling 666th Edition for lack of a better name. I thought this name was taken but apparently not, someone let me know if I'm wrong and I'll just change it to Fart Patrol or something classy instead. Instead of putting it out as a blog page as I've done in the past this one is a 6-page PDF, laid out to maximum scrunchyness in order to fit a lot of usable information in the smallest space. This isn't a whole rpg, this is just basically a version of Dragonly Donions that is pretty unforgiving with a few newish abstracted systems. You've seen some of this material before but now it's all in one place. If anything in there looks useful please consider shooting me a dollar at the link to the right. If I do get enough by the end of April so that I can ensure my internet isn't in danger of being cut off in May just because I picked up a $10 PDF online.....then I'll probably double this document in size, fix any proofreading issues, and add a cover and some pictures so it is easier (and sexier) to print out for the table or hand out to your players or friends.

Once again, click the Wetland Hag to donate or click on Moon Slave for the PDF...and maybe come back and donate if you feel so moved.

Wetland Hag