Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Using Feng Shui to Run D&D in 60 Seconds

Dwarf - Big Bruiser
Elf - Archer
Halfling - Everyday Hero (I know Everyman is gendered but this sure is clunky appellation)
Half-Elf - Don't play a half-elf
Half-Orc - This one either
Gnome - Scrappy Kid
Orc - Bandit
Cleric - Magic Cop
Magic-User - Sorcerer
Thief - Thief
Fighter - Ex-Special Forces (but almost any Type would work since the whole game is more combat-focused than D&D, which has that reputation but as oldschoolers know is actually much ...oh whew glad I caught myself, this was almost a blog post)
Assassin - Ninja
Paladin - Bodyguard
Ranger - Bounty Hunter
Druid - Supernatural Creature (or a modded/ported Geomancer from the previous edition)
Bard - Cyborg
Monk - If you can't find a good kung fu type my dude then you might have picked up Mouse Guard by mistake.