Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dawnstar Registration

Saturdays, 9PM Eastern US to roughly 11PM Eastern US, and we can go later some nights depending on whether I work or not. This will be weekly and if I know I won't be able to make it I will try to get a fill-in Referee.

You do not have to know how to play Feng Shui/Feng Shui 2, or have read the articles I've put up about it. Just know the following before the first session:

  • This is basically Studio Ghibli Wacky Races with some other cartoons and Japanese shit and 80s cartoons and (being FS) action movie stuff thrown in. Sometimes it will be mainstream, sometimes more fantastic or sci-fi, sometimes whole sessions will focus on the more pastoral aspects of these characters' lives. Don't take everything very seriously but don't roll up with Johnny Fart and the Dildo 5000...try to keep the basic gist of this in mind.
  • You only need a few D6.
  • You need to know what kind of guy you want to play. This might mean that you look at one of these documents and pick a Type you want to play, or maybe you could read the Background for the campaign or check out the individual entries under the tag. Or just...have a guy in mind and I'll pick something close enough to play for your first session.
  • That said, after the first session or two be prepared to play more than one character. If you've played certain types of RPG you're used to filling out the cast in certain situations, this will be one of those.

Our first couple sessions will be a little stripped down because I'm still getting all my video/call streaming stuff re-worked out on my computer. So have a lot of patience with me on that and I'll have a lot of patience with you regarding everything else.

Now I'm open to as many people as want to play but know that I'm not going to run with more than 6 in a week (cross talk becomes too much a problem online). If a week shows where I can't get 3 together to run then I do a shorter little session with whoever showed up and go do something else.

Additionally I would prefer to start the campaign knowing for certain that at least 3 players will more or less be able to make it every week. Things come up, people go out of town, get sick, I get that, but I want a few people on board for whom this is their Saturday night thing, not a backup. I know that can be a big ask because it is Saturday night but, well.....that's when I can do this.

Any questions just ask them here or on G+ and I'll answer. Depending on response I can start as early as this weekend but otherwise I'm going to begin 10 February 2018 at 9PM Eastern US. Otherwise, sign up below or on the G+ thread.