Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Checking In on Hunger City


1) Layout tables once I finish writing them
2) Folding "dm notes" into main document and trimming excess BS, cutting the document down to size
3) Come up with a better name
4) Placeholder art for the players until I'm sure everything is in final phase
5) Print it out and absolutely fuck it right up with bad drawings and worse poetry

Final play phase will involve getting at least 1 other DM to run 6 sessions of this game. My hit list for this is all women but I could be swayed. Phase won't initiate in my current employment situation I bet...if that means this goes to print without a final "proof-playing" then so be it, this is meant to be a sort of punk exercise/learning experience not a fucking Pelegrane product.

The idea as mentioned elsewhere was to release this as basically a hard to find "zine" that I don't actually distribute or sell. I'll just give some to Scrap, some to Patrick, some to Ram, etc. and have them sell them next time they're somewhere worth selling something and pocket the cash for their effort. Budgeting that whole run as a wipe. If that builds enough interest I might do another print run or might just stick to PDF.... There won't be many of the initial print and they will be done at either kinkos or my house unless I find somewhere even cheaper with even shittier paper. It's important to me that the final product be shitty physically, and very disposable.

As I go I've also got a list of follow-up support "zines" of other material. These will have a few other updates and features as I go but will focus on expanding specific aspects of the game.

  • Additional transformations
  • Specific ruined city sourcebook (I have 3 in mind...)
  • Additional spells and artifacts
  • Other apocalypses
  • Codified enemies
  • Boss rush
  • I have an idea for a sort of dice/card building way to play this, if I figure it out then that might be one...
  • Maybe some new not-quite-classes-and-races
  • I want to make every other release a small adventure zine because nobody makes enough actual adventures for their apocalypse
Even if any of these happen they won't all happen, and even if I made as many as the ideal case presents some will end up folded into each other.

I had hoped to be done by now but shit happened. As is I have a few months of work ahead of me...Probably a lot less if I could stop getting jerked around with my schedule enough to run this more and regain my old Sweeny Todd arm for design software. This might be a 2018 release, it might even get to be several 2018 releases. We'll see.