Monday, August 21, 2017

The Prayer

Grass underfoot crisp black, dandelion strong.

Drink of green, burning and festered, belly boiling vision eating. Wound in the earth.

An arm not honed but strong. Too many heats red. Death rattle nails.

Steel blood cold, grass black. March on

I forget what it looks like...

Banner billowing licking gold with crimson before column of only one. There is no surrender. There will not be none: there was surrender.

Song out of step, thunder dust rolling advance. Fire drinking, vision eating. Night walk, this scream dance. Forward laughing.

The laugh is an important detail.

SEE: men not men onrushing slowly in avalanche patience. Awful things leagues astride, upon awesome animals, boulder flesh bearing mistake people toward new ruins.

Soon ruins.

There is no love nor rage nor hate nor fear, no not really fear. It increases, though, burning the rope of the world. Stronger we are pulled. Our blood is left only iron. Hope only hunger. Need only take. Never keep, only continue.

I need blood.

Horns are worn, not blown, but now it sounds - a refrain stilling all bone in anticipation of crescendo upon us then

Who killed the soil? Who burned the sea? Who cut the sky? Who corrupted hell? WHAT mutilated the church? WHAT broke our very souls? WHAT laughs in the night?

It is not night.
I have forgotten it.

Share me the blood for blood is life. Give me some life for life might end. Sell me an end for ends are mercies. Show me some mercy for mercy is a blessing. Bless me now in the sight of god. No, not mine. I have forgotten it.

Hurry now, while my throat still cracks, listen! I name Him! I call it Forthcoming. He is Horizon Darker. King of Ghosts. Rider in All Lights. Ash in the cry of orphans, He, usurper of shadows, an demon angel, Father -- Father to Monsters! Whet of tooth, wet of blade, forge-breathed, lion-ready.

Who has come?
I have forgotten the sun.

WHAT killed the sun?

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