Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Here's Five Candles

There is a blue candle formed from badger tallow and poison. Don't stand too close to it or you'll pass out. It is consecrated to the reverence of Ful Bimor, himself a pantheist saint canonized to deificence. There is a seal pressed into it which, if ever 'broken' through normal candle use, summons the spirit of Ful Bimor to guide you for one minute and with full understanding. Otherwise, in the umbrella of candlelight (slightly green), the dead take on the countenance and manner they possessed in life. Zombies, vampires, liches, ghosts, dead guys you don't even know are there, all have the seeming of life and will behave as they did in life. Candlelight flickers, though, so every other round they will regain their dead/undead form, and if they leave the candlelight or the candle is snuffed they return to their dead/undead state and behavior. They possess all powers they have as dead/undead even while "alive" and "reasonable." Hey, remember when you passed out from being too close to the candle? 30% you died, and if you leave the candlelight now, before someone notices and can magically save you, you're dead as hell and become a wraith.

There is an orange candle formed from fireweed sterols and dairy fat. Save vs breath when you light it because it lights like a flare and sprays everywhere, you could get badly hurt. It burns away quickly and sheds a harsh but dim light for up to a mile. Once there were nine of these, components in a hundred years' ritual by some forgotten temple whose god came back for them and actually was pretty pissed, so nobody remembers them now. Within the light of this candle, nothing will burn. Fire breath weapons have no effect. Magma cools. Elementals vanish. Torches, lanterns, and campfires are snuffed. For every fire which is prevented, the candle burns faster. Not hotter, nor brighter, only faster. When the handle has all burned away and smolders in itself, there will be a cacophonous explosion of hellfire which undoes objects at the atomic level, for the entire radius of the candlelight. However, if you snuff the candle before it burns out, you have made a tame candlefire who will flit harmlessly over your person, burning, igniting, and consuming what you bid it to, a little leaf of fire, for as long as it is properly cared for.

There is a purple candle made from congealed blood and jellied bone stock. It can only be lit with your own life force, which any holy man can do or facilitate. Once lit, the candle is your personal fuse, and when it is all burned out, so too are you. As it burns and you age, your features melt and fold like wax. You can swallow the flame and take 1 Con damage (can never be repaired) to take the flame back into you. Otherwise, the candle will burn straight for 7 days. While it burns, you always have a tether to this world. If you are felled, your candleflame can be reinterred in you by a holy man, resuscitating you. If you are completely disincorporated and your body is beyond wreck and ruin, the candle can take the aspect you had in life. Your touch and attacks burn but every successful attack takes a day off your lifespan, and you're pretty locked into your fate at that point. You never suffer the effects of Turning while under the candle's influence. Known as the quasilich candle, it is a bullet aimed at the heart of the ambitious mortal man.

There is a yellow candle made from jellyfish and mold. When it burns down, it leaves enough wax for two candles. Doubling is its only property, apart from this: anybody consuming the banana colored wax knows the location of every other candle composed of this candlewax.

There is a black candle which begs, literally begs, not to be lit with the big demony face right on it. It's a big candle, weighs as much as a gallon of milk. It's made of Creationstuff, and burning it speeds local entropy. For every ten minutes it burns, something within its vicinity ceases to exist. Dragon, locked door, you. It goes somewhere. The candle has fallen through worlds this way, unexisting itself purely so it is not completely burned away and undone. It always manifests again, but the other things which burn away never do. If the candle kills the gravity in its light, the gravity will always be fucked up. The candle prefers to make itself useful, using its vast knowledge to keep it from being burned away. When it is burned all away, an entire age of this world will be undone, and the fraying at the edges of the cosmic sweater will speed...It has ambition, this candle, and will betray you, jockeying for power and position, hoping to be locked away in a safe and comfortable vault somewhere. In doing so the candle is doing more to ensure the safety of your world than you or your kind ever have.

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