Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You Can Literally Just Tell Me To Do Things

i need to read this stupid book look at it
+Nate Lumpkin said write a spell so okay.

get the ol dice here...

3. Okay here's three.

I'm not going to do levels for these. These should be spells you find rather than start with, like learn them from a bad guy. You and your DM argue about where they go.

Foetus to Scorpions*
Range: Earshot of caster
Requires blood and sand.
Target saves vs Transformation/Stone/Gaze/Equivalent
Targets 1 egg or mammal carrying an unborn child.
The foetus dissolves into scorpions still found inside the eggshell or living womb you targeted. They will magically survive long enough to get out. A host mammal takes damage equal to the number of scorpions created as they escape, which is equal to the number of months along the foetus was at time of transubstantiation. Into several scorpions. When the scorpions grow to adulthood they will possess the HD equal to whatever creature they would have been if they weren't a mess o' scorpions. This effect lasts forever.
This spell may be cast backwards. That is, a scorpion or nest of scorpions may be touched and turned into an egg of a mundane animal, or into a tiny scorpion-sized baby that will surely die soon unless you take it home and nourish and care for it. Scorpion babies are venomous but never grow larger than normal scorpions. The desperate and barren can also have someone shove live scorpions into their womb and cast this spell, instantly impregnating them with a foetus a number of months along in gestation equal to the amount of scorpions used. If more scorpions are used than normally required to bring the mammal to term - say if a human woman is filled with 12 scorpions - they will instead immediately go into labor to give birth to an enormous scorpion.

Inflate Person
Range: 60'
Requires a bottle of hot air.
Target saves vs. Spells.
1 living organic target.
The target begins to inflate. They will inflate roughly a quarter of their starting volume each round for a number of rounds equal to the caster's level. Each round they will take d2 points of damage. If target is wearing Medium or Heavy armors they take an additional point of damage each round, and these will be destroyed after 4 rounds. Leather armor is also destroyed after 4 rounds but harmlessly. If this damage reduces the target to 0, they pop, but like gory pop not like balloon pop. Stuff everywhere. If they survive the inflation, they can increase their vertical and horizontal leaps by 10' per round of inflation, even in combat, and can reduce their falling damage down at a rate of 1 die fewer for each round of inflation, down to 0. They may also float on warm pockets of air, strong winds, and water. They gain a roll speed equal to their normal speed +10', but they can never use LESS speed than that if they choose to move. Once they get rolling it's hard to control.
If they are damaged while inflated by themselves or others using a piercing or slicing attack then they will deflate over a number of rounds equal to their inflation rate. This makes a hilarious poot sound, roll for wandering otyughs, and decreases their inflated abilities. The caster may also dismiss this effect as they wish without harming the target.

You're The Devil Now
Range: 120'
Requires the ash of a holy book.
Target saves vs. Wands/Items/Etc.
1 target.
Whenever someone asks your name or you introduce yourself, you answer The Devil. Or whatever locally appropriate Devil name you have lying around, Baphomet or whatever? If you have identification, or if you try to write your name down, it will say The Devil now. Your name is the Devil's name.
The other effect of this is that anybody who hears this has to save against Spells or believe they have just tricked you into revealing yourself and that you really are the Devil. They believe you 100% and will behave accordingly. That means that some people may take arms against you, some people may be fucking terrified of you and super compliant, and some people may come to you to solve a problem for them or to make good on a previous deal.
You stay the Devil until you learn and cast this spell on someone else, participate in a black sabbat sacrifice attended by the Devil, or until you can find a spellcaster who can Curse you with your true name. Remove Curse doesn't work on the Devil curse, so if someone ever removes your True Name curse then the Devil is still waiting underneath.