Monday, May 11, 2015

What else am I supposed to do with Faedorne?

They live on tiny floating kingdoms that are in the stars but aren't stars. They never leave them but they collect creatures around them, and everything in the starworld is unaffected by normal time. They are Neutral because they are above and beyond terrestrial concerns and they like brave Neutral people, i.e. those who follow their own stars. Haha I get it. They only appear at night and look down on people and bedevil them with illusions and visions, and sometimes they send silver automatons down to help people they like.

These broads are space aliens, right?

Somewhere between a normal beyond-all-concerns Galadriel elf, the thoughtform aliens from Contact, and I guess the Sandman? Except they also own robots they use for protection or do accomplish what they want on the ground. They like leading people, sometimes subtly and sometimes super showy. Phantasmal force at will, a big unreasonable bucket of HP, a major treasure haul which you just KNOW has a lot of fabulous one of a kind items that you can reskin as alien tech....

I've never seen anyone talk about these guys. EVER. But this is what everyone else does with them, right?