Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First Book of Moon Slave

  1. There was only blood the sky was blood the moon was blood the earth was blood
  2. everything was blood outer space was blood and nobody knew what that was yet
  3. men were blood the sea was blood there as no magic there were no kinds there was no flesh but there was still blood and it came from somewhere, from the world which existed,
  4. from the body dead and flame, from the soul pregnant and warrior, from the echoes of sunlight iron and a fucking tank
  5. everything was blood until there was a light from the blood, the first light, from the first metal, and the first metal was a sword, and the first sword rose slowly from the blood, and the blood parted in nine directions, and the sword also bled
  6. the sword bled for a thousand days and its blood was light and the light burned the blood and where the blood burned it became black rock and the black rock swirled and swelled and became the night with pools of swordblood the stars
  7. And the sword was sinking because there was only ever the blood for it to go but still it came still it thrust still it rose
  8. the sword cut against its fate and the blood split and to the right the blood became fire and to the left the blood became smoke
  9. the sword shone and was light, all the light, and it rose until it split the blackred brilliance of the overheavens, the above beyond, into the chest of Yrhin the bones of the universe, whose heart exploded, the ever dying cosmos
  10. blood came from Yrhin's mouth blacker than most and this fell through smoke and mixed with the black rock and blood which was everything and it reflected the first sword and this reflection became the second sword
  11. and shadow on smoke became third sword
  12. Gurin. Tirnim. Edlolk. Death. Deathafter. Deathdread.
  13. Buffeted in squall crimson came then the sword which lives, which is called Oul Kelash Im Arak, which is called DRO, which is called hammer-that's-wheel, which is called, life, which is called creation, which is called the world, which the seer calls the plane of man, which Yrhin calls soon soon soon soon
  14. The smoke swirled around the light of first sword which the light called Gurin, first name. In the swirl was darkness, and in the darkness Edlolk.
  15. Below, looking upon Edlolk, Tirnim. Always beneath darkness, always reflecting light, always a between, never the death, only the flicker, on blood.
  16. blood blood blood blood
  17. The light became the reflection, and the reflection became a world, a distorted shape from the perfect killing light of Gurin, a lesser and weaker glow, and this glow made its own shine,
  18. and Gurin was sun and Edlolk was night and Tirnim was smoke and mutable and unshaped, doomed.
  19. But the light of Tirnim, soon soon soon soon, which the far near sons call man's world, glowed, and raised and touched Gurin, and was the false Gurin, and was the night of Gurin which knows not night
  20. Fifth named, Unus Muun Maxes, drov calgabesh, light of light of light, flicker against Yrhin, blinder of Yrhin, mirror of only blood and black rock
  21. Out of the blood and the shadow of Edlolk came one hundred gods
  22. Tir, Um, Gor, Zeph
  23. ru, Majes, Kir, Dophies, Gorlen, Ibu
  24. Caphakas, Ibad, Cralk
  25. Cralk
  26. Cralk
  27. Their children and their dead the children of their dead the husbands of their dead
  28. Reflectiones en Unus Muun Maxes, the shape of Yrhin in the blood and black rock, the bodies of light and smoke and shadow
  29. Then there was Cormedetriakinosth, body of sword, the light of Yrhin-Upon-Gurin, and he was named
  30. Yrhin-Upon-Gurin, deadly peasant and first born kind, only true god, the shape of steel, making of all demons and gods, and he made war on the gods that were and none survive
  31. I will write it is said, Yrhin-Upon-Gurin, the names of all gods in my flesh with fire, and I will smite their very words, and cleave the eyes of all who read them, and Cormedetriakinosth swore against all the world
  32. He swore against a world which was made in answer
  33. He cursed all man who became in answer, cursed, aye, and despised
  34. And his words sworled and shaped Tirnim, and Tirnim was the world, and Tirnim is our world, and we are all reflections of the first sword, Bane-Within-Yrhin, and we are the sword which watches itself, and we are Tirnim
  35. And Tirnim was wet with blood and into this land was sown the bodies of Tir Um Gor Zeph
  36. Into Tirnim was sown all gods same Yrhin-Upon-Gurin, whom the drunk name YUG, ee-ug, the name of undoing the world
  37. There in Tirnim grew burning crop, the shape of wheat or corn in the shadow of the screaming dead, a corpse farm of a world, the world is a dead land of dead things.
  38. The first curse was recurse
  39. The dead separated the sky from the rock of the world, they bled and their blood became new seas within blood, they burned and their burning became Tirnim, the smokeshadow, and they were eternal, until eternal runs out
  40. And the dead separated the dead from life, and all that was only ever dying saw life at first, and Gurin abhorred it, and Yrhin cursed it, and Tirnim was shamed of it, and it rose and sustained in the blook of Cralk. Cralk
  41. Cralk.
  42. And life killed Cormedetriakinosth, the one true god, and from his body made many gods
  43. Sustainer, Builder, Keeper, Maker, Fearer, Fucker, Dreamer, Tricker, Eater, Shitter, Lover, Thunder, Killer, Bleeder, Darker, Nearer
  44. Forty seven gods from Yrhin-Upon-Gurin to rule the world which waited to die, which ebbed and swirled constant away
  45. These were sick apart from themselves, and they fell to the world weak, and they smothered the life there, and forced the dead into the black rock\
  46. And man raised himself as gods and smote all old gods. and forty seven gods died, and a thousand gods rose.
  47. Man was mortal though and so died. A thousand gods died and twenty-two gods rose to take their place.
  48. The twenty-two gods were all lights. The reflection of fire, the reflection of the reflection, the hope or Yrhin
  49. All light died in the smoke and thick of Tirnim
  50. The gods died and then came the three gods, Barapest, Forencaller, Uvengim, the fist face and throat of all worlds
  51. Barapest beat all the rivers. Forencaller sweated all the seas. Uvengim screamed all storms.
  52. Then came the one god who was magic, whose name was Thunder King, whose power and moustache were lightning and fire, whose word was something being, whose light was as the light of Yrhin burning, who was Yrhin burning, and Thunder King was Yrhin burning, though Yrhin never burned
  53. Yrhin will.
  54.  and Thunder King fell from the world, and there was darkness
  55. Ten thousand gods in darkness
  56. Then the light of Gurin and the death of ten thousand gods
  57. The reflection of the reflection rose and became the hand which held the first sword
  58. Gurin-Within-Unus Muun Maxes, and the hand was called the son, and the hand was called Muun.
  59. And against all power life
  60. Against all darkness light
  61. Against all fire smoke
  62. Against all night fear
  63. Against all god man
  64. And there rose a thousand and a thousand generations of man
  65. And there were gods within man and gods who man called and gods never there, and great kings and bloody chieftains, and wise queens and murder princesses, and brutal shamans and pious bastards, and there was always blood and sword and smoke and light and afterlight and night and starblood and rocknight and fear and weakness and death and flesh
  66. And there was Moon Slave.

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