Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Things I Would Have Written About Tonight If I Coulda


1. Gnolls because fucking what Blogger didn't save my draft or maybe I deleted it in the depressions, who can tell. Fuck. Another time.
2. I'm in this horrible state where I'm getting over being holy hell am I going to have to skip the doctor and go to the emergency room sick for a few days, and I still have every symptom but I feel "better." So my body's in fuckin Morgan Freeman mode and I'm wide ass awake ready to get busy livin' but I don't have the focus or really the energy to do any thing because I'm literally sick and tired and I feel like my body is punishing me for being slow on drills by telling me to take a lap, oh shit sports I mean uhhh Bugbear my goblin party? So yknow, that, turning that up to tinnitis levels, you left the dungeon, Wizard Needs Food Badly, only you can't get any rest or satisfaction. No wandering monster checks, you're safe all the way home, but YOU don't know that, all you know is your checks are getting worse and your situation more dire and your spell list more lean....
3. Smell wizard.
4. 2 birds, I know these birds now.
5. My favorite idea for a 5e Background yet.
6. Gag dungeon that I think could actually turn out pretty nice?
7. Rewriting random in-this-hex stuff and random encounter table and I think that there's a lot of overlap here that I can minimize by making the random encounter roll come up less "Coyote" and more "You see three coyote marauders cooking a tin of beans and an elderly leg, a fourth is watering the tarantulas..." so I've got "notes" (lists of half ideas that will Jelloize while writing) for a few of those.
8. Finding that old Santicore song I wrote since the season of giving (up on not being devoured by Santicore) is upon us again. Last year I kept the whole bus waiting as I struggled to write what was coming out to 8 pages of stuff for a game I don't have levels in. Gave up and sent in the best 2 pages I could salvage. Felt bummed out about this for a year. Now it's payback time.
9. Thanks to some thread of +Scrap Princess' I'm exhausted and galvanized with the notion of the different systems of the body as independent agents seemingly acting in concert but actually only representing the sync of different modes of existence, physical systems as the TSR Great Wheel, a plane of blood, a plane of lightning and sensation, the elemental plane of skeletons. A multiverse alone in a man. Or woman. Love all the people.