Tuesday, September 2, 2014

By Your Command

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 These things are fucked
Daniel Dean 12:08 AM Jackdackyls. That horrid mug is actually like the scary face on a caterpillar's butt. Its real face is in its crotch, hidden in anemone-like tuft of thick fur, actually individual antennae perceiving 360 degrees in the space between its legs. It is always in horse stance, and walks that way, which is the worst thing about it. Its mouth is a squidlike beak which protrudes a good seven inches from its eye wreath, in order to clear stalk length. The arms are actually the female flowering part of the jackdackyl. They draw nourishment from the stamen trunk and have adapted to wield simple tools to assist in survival, but they flop around independently and mostly randomly, any damage they do a secondary concern to the thrashing that occurs with their near constant feeding. A healthy jackdackyl may form many female parts, having as many "arms" as it can sustain. When a jackdackyl dies, nears death from old age, first reaches a period of maturity, or when an egg is pissed on in its presence, the female arms of the jackdackyl will separate, scuttling off and shedding nymph appendages until it grows into a male form jackdackyl. They eat bulls, fuck temples, and are filled with emeralds.
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