Friday, June 14, 2013

The Best Card In My Newly Crafted Loot Deck

So after I wrote about my decision to do this a while back but procrastinated on it because Hard Rock Hotel playing cards are too awesome to waste capriciously, and also my hours picked up and I got busy.

I thought to put it together in anticipation of picking my 2-months-off B/X game back up (and in anticipation of this separate wild west B/X game I have coming up)I'd finally put it together, using a half-remembered idea that +Zak Smith posted like three years ago for further ideas. Actually looking that article up I was way off but still I think I made something that works okay.

2/$1 playing cards from the Dollar Tree next to the shop and a Sharpie from the case and now I've got a Loot Deck.

Top of the card is, again, potions, because my party really likes potions. This one duplicates the effect of a found-only spell that...well, does what you'd imagine.

The left side is for quick generating scrolls. There's not a Scroll of Summon Tarrasque in Basic or Expert...there's not a Tarrasque in Basic or Expert, for that matter. But given recent findings I couldn't very well not have one of these, right?

The side opposite the potion generator is non-weapon magic items. That Wand of 10 Wishes fuses to your arm, replacing your hand like PMS Aquaman's hook. Wishing for your hand back with one of the wand's wishes makes the wand explode.

The side opposite the scrolls is magic weapons and armor. This is one of my favorites and works like this.

I also tried to arrange groups of items by suit. I fucked up a couple of times because I got distracted with the dog trying to merge her toy duck with my stack of cards but I corrected it on later cards so everything's in proportion, and the specific effects or intent is usually obvious.

Clubs are Cleric scrolls (though they top out at max 4 spells because that's when I run out of room) and standard basic +1 +2 +3 magical weapons and armor and shields and crap.

The scrolls, magic items, and magic weapons listed on all Spades are cursed or negative or detrimental in some way. One of the cursed scrolls is a Bosch-like illustration and looking at it traps you in it if you fail your save. Another is a sword that smells like boiled ass and attracts monsters, impossible to hide for backstab unless your target has no olfactory.

The Hearts and Diamonds are MU/Elf scrolls and magic weapons and armor. I thought about typing weapons by suit or value but I was doing this during downtime at work and could not be buggered.

Face Cards have items that are sentient, and intelligent items on Aces are always malevolent.

(In a pinch I can bump up a treasure roll by also using this to replace coinage rolls. Clubs are Coppers, Spades are Silvers, Hearts are Gold (like with hookers), and diamonds are Electrum (because that's left).  The value on the card is the number in thousands of coin or the number of coins, depending on whether I'm using the individual table or hoard table. If that's ever crazy ridiculous given the context I can just cut it in half. Face cards are worth 1k Platinum.)

Using this deck means using median scores for a hoard and a simplified individual treasure setup, but does what I want it to because it strips up to 20 rolls for treasure to 1 roll, a "is there magic shit" roll. If there's magic shit I deal out a number of cards equal to number of items, pick some random stuff out of my hand (or if my players want more random results I can subcontract rolling some d4 to them) and boom: done. We're moving on to more adventure, enjoy your magic crap.